Circuit Board Outline

by funk_king

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Info: Created on 13th October 2008 . Last edited on 2nd August 2009.
License All Rights Reserved. No download available.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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Inspired! Nice work.
Comment by afrojet 15th October 2008
10! Your best font yet. Whatever will you think of next?
Comment by thalamic 15th October 2008
Awesome, Funkmaster!
I had a very similar circuit board font sketched out, and I abandoned it when I tried to actually draw it all out in FontStruct because it would take too long. And it was 1/4 the size of yours. I applaud you on this massive undertaking. Nice work on the double brick size too. It looks great. One of my favorites of yours.
Comment by geneus1 16th October 2008
thanks guys, this was fun - i guess :) started with the circuit board simple then increased the size 4X. the app didn't like all those connectors so i had to delete most them. different from how i thought it would end up, but that's always the fun part - certainly not clicking individual bricks when copying and pasting won't work :(

afrojet - thanks for the sample :)

thalamic - i think i'm thunk out :(

geneus1 - yes, it was exhausting :|~
Comment by funk_king 16th October 2008
I like the Circuit Board family all!

It's a pity that sometimes the fontstructions are too complex to be downloaded and you have to split them in two (or more) sets, or reduce the number of used bricks.
But I think that we fontstructers are really pushing the limits Rob Meek had in mind when designing this tool, so it's OK! :)
Comment by Em42 17th October 2008
yes, it's all about pushing the limits. i wonder if any has used a graphics tablets to fontstruct? or even if it's possible. seems like that would open the door to other creative possibilities. btw em42, love your work. you're one of the best :)
Comment by funk_king 22nd October 2008

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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