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An attempt to make an entire alphabet by modifying a single heptagon shape. (The "O" is the basis for almost all other glyphs.)

An alternate version of this was made in which I used different bricks to make the width of every line homogeneous. However, it was found that this robbed the font of much of its character. Additionally, the visual effect presented by the increased line width actually made the font less even-looking than it is now. This proved true with and without antialiasing.

Info: Created on 4th April 2018 . Last edited on 11th April 2018.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by zephram 4th April 2018

v1.0 preview. I changed "E" and "F" slightly after making this...

EDIT: Ah, this was meant to be appended to the comment above. Whoops!

Comment by zephram 4th April 2018

Dear me... I glanced at the monitor, swiping across the live feed, and I see "FOOTSTRUCT". Um, my mistake, but maybe enlarging the opening on the N by 1/2 or 2/3 brick each side would give a more definite N? Great design though!

Comment by Aeolien 4th April 2018

Thank you :D

I see what you mean. I've reworked N a bit and it should be far more legible now.

Comment by zephram 4th April 2018

V1.1 after reworking several letters. :D

Comment by zephram 4th April 2018

Now all texts are easy to read, all letters are 'obvious' without you having changed the general basic shape you used to construct them with. Well done. 10/10

Comment by Aeolien 5th April 2018

Greek support added. Lowercase was reworked and improved. Cyrillic coming, maybe?

Comment by zephram 5th April 2018

I like it!
Only 800 for a xenoburger?  You have to be kidding!

Comment by SymbioticDesign 6th April 2018

A logo made using Heptagone and Doggo Sans.

Comment by zephram 7th April 2018

Your U-rings are missing rings...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 7th April 2018

Fixed 'em :D

Comment by zephram 7th April 2018

when you changed N, you forgot to change Ñ as well...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 10th April 2018

Now we know how Martianoid hens lay eggs! ;-)

Comment by dpla 10th April 2018

Thanks for that, Se7enty-Se7en. I knew there was one in there somewhere that needed updating, but couldn't spot it for the life of me...

Comment by zephram 11th April 2018

Now we know what Martianoid hens' eggs look like ;)

Comment by Aeolien 14th April 2018

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