Moon Runes

by zephram

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A combinatorial conlang whose symbols find many uses.

This is the written language of early Azwelke people from Planet Ashr in my game Endless Sea of Stars. The symbols are called "Moon Runes" (both pejoratively and not), and each represents a cluster of phonemes. The language is similar to Katakana Japanese in that written words are sounded out. Proper nouns cannot be written in Moon Runes, and so such nouns rely on Old Azwelkeland Script to be committed to record.

The Wolves of Euphedora still use these symbols as part of their own hidden language, here called "RZ". Since this cipher invents no new characters, these Moon Runes can be used to write RZ as well.

These symbols are also still used in modern Ashrian astrology. Their designations below reflect this fact.



TextData Block #013-ASHRJ, "Moon Runes KF-21 Original"

6!000001 "Hunter's Moon, New"

6!000002 "Hunter's Moon, First Quarter"

6!000003 "Hunter's Moon, Last Quarter"

6!000004 "Hunter's Moon, Waxing Gibbous"

6!000005 "Hunter's Moon, Waning Gibbous"

6!000006 "Hunter's Moon, Full"

6!000007 "Traveller's Moon, New" 

6!000008 "Traveller's Moon, First Quarter"

6!000009 "Traveller's Moon, Last Quarter"

6!000010 "Traveller's Moon, Waxing Gibbous"

6!000011 "Traveller's Moon, Waning Gibbous"

6!000012 "Traveller's Moon, Full"

6!000013 "Demarcator L"

6!000014 "Demarcator R"

6!000015 "Traveller's Moon Eclipses Ashrflame"

6!000016 "Hunter's Moon Eclipses Ashr"

6!000017 "Traveller's Moon Eclipses Ashr"

6!000018 "Hunter's Moon Eclipses Ashrflame"

6!000019 "Northern Double Eclipse"

6!000020 "Ashr Eclipses Hunter's Moon"

6!000021 "Ashr Eclipses Traveller's Moon"

6!000022 "Southern Double Eclipse"

Info: Created on 7th July 2018 . Last edited on 7th July 2018.
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