Eudastiphos Hand

by zephram

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A written court language used by Ashrians on Bysonce Island, Planet Ashr in my video game Endless Sea of Stars. This one is used for public court documents, and its brother language Calystiphos Hand is used for private documents and old government records.

These glyphs could be considered a form of shorthand unto themselves, since each court stenographer has its own way of writing these down and its own way of abbreviating or embellishing them. Through knowledge of these glyphs and their accompanying interpretation, one can surmise all of the important proceedings and notes.


Common methods for stenographers to alter these glyphs involve:

- Adding/removing quadrants

- Crossing out one or more elements in colored ink

- Drawing connecting lines between points within one or more quadrants

- Inscribing shorthand or marginalia within negative spaces

- Marking or coloring within the central circle

- Shading via different means (scribbling, crosshatching, or with colors)

- Rotating a quadrant upon its own axis

It's important to note that stenographers also often write (either in Royal Bysoncian, Sea Bysoncian or Voktlandish) in accompaniment with these symbols. The idea is for each stenographer to come up with a system of encoding that works for it. Eudastiphos Hand could thus be considered an amalgamate, interlingual cipher built from other Ashrian languages.


In terms of communication systems which exist on Earth, this is most readily compared to Nsibidi.


Eudastiphos is the Ashrian god of mistrals. The simplest way to put it is to say that he represents the "yang" of the pantheon.

Info: Created on 7th July 2018 . Last edited on 7th July 2018.
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