F77 Blockie

by anonymous-1520403

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A neat and legible blocky font created by Se7enty-Se7en...

Feel free to use for whatever...

Info: Created on 6th November 2018 . Last edited on 18th November 2018.
License Open Font License
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looks rock solid Se7en, realy nice job..

Comment by Sed4tives 13th November 2018

@STF Thanks!

Comment by anonymous-1520403 13th November 2018

It's kinda like a hybrid style of Wim Crouwel and Jurriaan Schrofer combined.

Comment by Sed4tives 13th November 2018

I might have one suggestion, I think accents on uppercase "I" dont really work well.. the thickness eats too much space the glyph doesn't have right now! One option is to cut some weight off the accents. Another is to increase side bearing. You could fix this with spacing as well, but this is very undesireable since it affects the entire font

Comment by Sed4tives 13th November 2018

@STF Thanks!

Option 1: If I do that, they might not be as visible on older systems (such as Windows XP), Option 2: I would, but it'd create some sort of a gap in words with accented I's

Comment by anonymous-1520403 14th November 2018

Added Basic Greek!

Comment by anonymous-1520403 15th November 2018


Comment by Wataru Aiso 17th November 2018

@"Watauru Aiso" Thanks!

Comment by anonymous-1520403 17th November 2018

Added Buginese (Cannot find a pangram for that language...)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 18th November 2018

Most futuresque unicode I've ever seen, I really like it!

Comment by JOEY_TOYS_ 20th November 2018

@"JOEY_TOYS_" Thanks!

Comment by anonymous-1520403 20th November 2018

t e n    m i l l i o n    g l y p h s

Comment by KyYay 13th February 2019

@KyYay The limit on the numer of glyphs per font is 2¹⁶ or 65,536... And 10,000,000 is more than the number of available codepoints (1,114,112)...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 13th February 2019

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