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An alternative english alphabet designed to be phonetic and logical.

The shapes of the consonant characters indicate how they are pronounced.

A diacritic above a consonant marks voicing.

Info: Created on Mon, 12th August . Last edited on Mon, 12th August.
License Creative Commons
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There's not much for two-letter-sounds like "ou" or "th" :/

Comment by q_Maxi_p Tue, 13th August

I used the Q to represent the TH sounds. A lowercase "q" represents the TH sound as in "Thorn" and "With", while an uppercase "Q" represents the TH sound as in "Father" and "The".

I also used the X to represent the "Sh" sound in words like "Shoe"

It isn't a perfect phonetic alphabet, though. it is just based on how I interpret the sounds when I hear them. It is especially inaccurate when it comes to vowels.

Comment by CFV2 Fri, 16th August

Hi :) For "th" there are "thorn" ( thorn ) and "eth" ( there ) in the extended Latin band as they're used in Icelandic. For "OU" the IPA shows 2 'letters' to indicate the pronounciation. I don't know any unicode point for it.

[[ TH sound pronounciations above are based on "Queen's English" which is still the most neutral and clear]]

Comment by nightpegasus Fri, 16th August

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