Fontastically You

by Typower

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

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This is a attempt at starting another collaborative FontStruct community project to thank for a decade of FontStruct's web application and pay homage to its creator, Rob Meek.

The first initiative for a community collab fontstruction originally came from fellow user 'Funk_King', and resulted in 'FS Collaboration 1'. A second round of creative collaborations was proposed by 'Geneus1', which resulted in 'World of Thanks'. Two exceptional expressions of gratitude towards each responsible for making the FontStruct web application available, featuring contributions by various community members.
Now, more than 9 years after the second round 'World of Thanks' was published and (sadly) had last seen activity, I thought It would be a great idea to celebrate a fontastic decade under the belt of FontStruct.

Therefor I'd like to propose a third round of creative collaborations.

This is an opportunity for all users who have missed out the first two rounds, and say 'Thank You' for the awesome, worlds most accessible, freely available font creation application, that is FontStruct.

All credits for this concepts originallity should go to 'Funk_King', as it was his brainchild, and I most likely would've never came up with it myself.


Guidelines are fairly simple (but could possibly change at a later stage)

1.) Send a message to reserve your glyph('s) (up to 3 max.). People added to the list will be sent the info to access the collab account.

2.) Say 'Thank You' in your own words/language. (Spanish, French, Italian, etc.)

3.) Work should only be done on your own glyph(s), unless approved by the original designer!

4.) The size of the glyph('s) should roughly be between 32 and 64 bricks in height.

5.) The current person working on the font must inform the next person on the list that they are finished, so work will not be lost by working simultaneously. As well as keep the project running.

6.) Once finished, add your username, language and/or glyph description here at the bottom.

7.) If you are posting a message in the comment section from the collab account, end the message with your original username, so we know who you are.

8.) When possible, post a sample image of your contribution in action. below in the comment section.


The initial font was cloned from DJNippa's 'All Composites saved in MY BRICKS' (big thanks to this user for allowing me to use this fontstruction brick toolset).

It has been slightly modified, removing all bricks from the editor grid, preserving only the saved set within the 'My Brick' pallet. The small square shaped brick in 'My Bricks' that is used as glyph indicator also marks the end of DJNippa's brick tool set. All bricks beyond this point are most likely the result of of glyph-specific composites and should under no circumstances be modified what so ever.

It is also possible to work on your personal FontStruct account by manually cloning DJNippa's or this font, and once you finished your glyph(s) simply copy/paste it from your account into the collab account.

Have fun structing!



A-(Ligatured Sans) Bedankt Fontstruct! (Dutch), by Sed4tives, B-(Stencil Sans) Bedankt (Dutch), by Sed4tives, C-(Circular Display) dankjewel (Dutch), Sed4tives, D-(Minimalism) 謝謝 (Mandarin Chinese), by JunYou, E-(Artdeco) 謝謝 (Mandarin Chinese), by JunYou, F-(Minecraftio) !תודה (Hebrew), by BWM, G-(Rainy Days) ¡Gracias! (Spanish), by BWM, H-(DYMO LetraTag Interface) ghIlDeSten! (Klingon), by BWM, I-(description) 고맙습니다! (Standard Korean), by Bluemon, J-(description) word (language), by user

Info: Created on Sat, 17th August . Last edited on Sat, 7th September.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by Typower Fri, 23rd August

That image above is by me! I appologize not doing it as I shouldve had as the first person to open the project, lol. So please incluse your username with the sample image please. Thanks!

Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 29th August
Comment by Typower Fri, 30th August

I designed these 3 glyphs. I got Gateway Timeout when downloading, so I took a screenshot of the glyphs…


Comment by Typower Fri, 30th August

Sorry for the messy palette :( 
I was gonna do another one but I decided to do just this one because I'm kinda tired (also please ignore how my sample is a bit, not good compared to my other samples)

Comment by Typower Sat, 7th September

@Bluemon I'd say it is a decent sample mate, nothing wrong with it!

@JingYo Cool design, the second one kinda looks like a clipart of two persons behind a arcade machine :P

@BMW Cool contributions as well.. :)

Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 7th September

Nice work, guys :D

I intend to join this collab as well, but only once others have had their chance to participate. I want my 3 entries to be in languages that haven't been used for this sort of project yet.

Comment by zephram Sun, 8th September

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