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This font is not official so you can mess with it and do whatever. I just wanted to make art out something I wanted to learn. This is more of a dedicated vent than a profit. Plus, I am not doing anything official or commercial with this. I just was bored and thought: Make blind people a font on braille. 


People every day are blinded or born blinded. Not in a sense of "you are stupid" type blind. They are actually blind and need symbols popping out as dots to read. They feel the words. This is known as Braille. I am kinda learning the alphabet of braille and its importance.

So, one day, I sat down and thought: Why not make a font for braille?

I know they might never see this or feel this, but I wanted to make something to show how I thought since every language gets their front, why not braille? 

Using "Fractal" and several other sources for braille, here is my font of braille. 

It is known as The DiRECTOR

Directs blind people to know where they are going and helps them dive into books and imagine worlds they might have not ever seen. The "I" is short to look like the hand touching the braille in our normal next just like I went and touch the text they read. 

Mess with this and surprise your friends and learn braille similar to how I am and how they are by typing with this font. 

Like I stated before:




Comment by HurricaneHusky8 24th January 2020


Comment by jirinvk 24th January 2020

There seems to be a bit of spacing after the space… Each braille cell should have the same amount of spacing…

Comment by BWM 25th January 2020

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