tm Two-in-One

by thalamic

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~Type an uppercase letter and type the corresponding (or some other) lowercase letter to fill in the shape.

You can use the uppercase letters to form one word and type the lowercase fill letters to form the same or another word, or fill with a blanking glyph to complete the letter with no center letter. So, two types of letters are possible with this one font.

The letters had to be designed such that the uppercase could read as a letter without a center fill on it's own, or filled with blank glyph, or with a center letter. In doing so, the font turned auto-stencil and auto-monospaced. Also, since the unfilled uppercase read as the correct letter with the hole in it, this fs can be said to have three fonts in it.

The gaps are 1/8 brick; the thickness of the inner letter strokes is 2/8 brick. Therefore, this limitation meant that the glyphs with a stroke in the horizontal center can either be lined up with the left side blocks or the right side one. Therefore, 3/8 brick thickness I and T are provided on { and }.

Letter couples are as follows: Aa  Bb  Cc  Dd  Ee  Ff  Gg  Hh  Ii or I{  Jj  Kk  Ll  Mm  Nn  Oo  Pp  Qq  Rr  Ss  Tt or T}  Uu  Vv  Ww  Xx  Yy  Zz

Number couples are: !1  @2  #3  $4  %5  ^6  &7  *8  (9  )0

Blanks: ~, space

Center blank: `

Pipe: = (which will offset the monospacing)

Others; ? is at ?/  ! is at |\

Punctuations are where they are supposed to be: .  ,  ;  :  '  "  ’  ”  ‘  “  -

Sample: Type the following in User Input to see the font as it is supposed to be:  A`AaB`BbC`CcD`DdE`EeF`FfG`GgH`HhI`IiI{J`JjK`KkL`LlM`MmN`NnO`OoP`PpQ`QqR`RrS`SsT`TtT}U`UuV`VvW`WwX`XxY`YyZ`Zz!`!1@`@2#`#3$`$4%`%5^`^6&`&7*`*8(`(9)`)0?`?/|`|\)-)+~_<>=

6 bricks tall.

The sample is a font pun: TWO in ONE.

PS: Not sure how future it is.

Info: Created on Sun, 19th April . Last edited on Wed, 22nd April.
License FontStruct License
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Comment by thalamic Tue, 21st April

I·N·C·R·E·D·I·B·L·E·!  :O :O :O ... I just posted a font of glyphs that contain themselves inside, but this is ... ANOTHER WORLD!

Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 21st April

@thalamic - Amazing concept.  I love how this allows for two different letters to be in the same place (as in your sample pic).  Congratulations!  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal Tue, 21st April


Comment by Galo (galoreporter) Wed, 22nd April

Amazing addition to letters-within-letters concept!

Comment by architaraz Wed, 22nd April

woah nice!

Comment by Midnighte Thu, 23rd April

A great idea, the possibilities are endless!

Comment by four Tue, 28th April

An outstanding, next level, conceptual upgrade of a concept. I would like to see the enlarged quarter circles smoothened out with nudged composites. I would have named this font "DoubleTalk." =)

Comment by geneus1 Thu, 30th April
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “tm Two-in-One” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Tue, 12th May

Double congratulations, master!

Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 12th May

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