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Info: Created on 6th May 2009 . Last edited on 24th June 2009.
License Creative Commons
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The one I think a bit too far beyond the pale is the x. Any suggestions what to do about it?
Comment by intaglio 7th May 2009
You might wana use the "k" as reference for the "x".
Is the "y" premeditated?
Comment by jmarquez 7th May 2009
I just spent a couple minutes on this. I borrowed the lower-right leg from the k and tweaked the upper legs a bit.
Comment by aphoria 7th May 2009
That’s probably it, but bottom left and right legs should be similar, unless the font used that “no serif oblique leg” solution more often.
Ps: that’s why I asked if the “y” was premeditated.
Comment by jmarquez 7th May 2009
Here's a suggestion....really like this font overall.....
Comment by fontqueen100 17th May 2009
Thanks all. My home computer is dead so I'm champing at the bit waiting for the resurrection.
Comment by intaglio 22nd May 2009
nice job here. and love the name :) hurry up and get that new system cranking dude :)
Comment by funk_king 26th May 2009
Ooh! It's so nice to be back online. I'm not hopeful it will last. The computer's new fan makes a huge racket -- intermittently. I just love being held hostage to an incomprehensible technology. Not.
Comment by intaglio 3rd June 2009

Welcome back!
Comment by aphoria 3rd June 2009
yeah, i hear u tag. i just switched to a new laptop, but i'm hearing some subtle clicking when the hd is being accessed. i'm not worried yet, but the reality is we're all held hostage to this stuff - even to fontstruct :) seriously, i can only imagine the number of lost fonts i would have at this point if this was some kinda windows apps. i really like the uc. you've created a nice thick font, but with nice details which sometimes can be a second consideration with some fat fonts i've seen. nice :)
Comment by funk_king 4th June 2009

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