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The last and most difficult of the sharp serif experiments. Created on an 8 wide by 5 high base grid space. Unconventionally fontstructed while adhering to the impositions of the law of the brick. What do I mean? Just try recreating the letter A. It shouldn't be possible, so I did it anyway.
Info: Created on 17th July 2009 . Last edited on 18th February 2015.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by geneus1 28th July 2009
Very sneaky - it took me a while, but I got there.

Excellent creative use of bricks there... I had a font in mind a while ago that could've done with that trick. Bravo!

Comment by chr.s 28th July 2009
Very sneaky - it took me a while, but I got there.

Excellent creative use of bricks there... I had a font in mind a while ago that could've done with that trick. Bravo!

Comment by chr.s 28th July 2009
I think this submission has put Fontstruct in a daze - I'm sure I only posted that comment once, and with a picture too.

Oh well... it's an A* from me.
Comment by chr.s 28th July 2009
Oooh! What a glutton for punishment! I'm smitten, where do I sign up? Second thoughts: 8x5... no thanks.
Comment by intaglio 29th July 2009
@chr.s: Thanks. I'm surprised you discovered it so quickly. It took me four iterations of these experiments to discover the technique was possible.

@intaglio: No pain, no gain! ;-) I don't think you'd have any problem with it.
Comment by geneus1 30th July 2009
This is very cool.
Comment by djnippa 31st March 2010
I've come close to copying the A, but I don't think mine is quite right.

Please, Mr. Magician, show us your magic trick. :)
Comment by aphoria 1st April 2010
I admit I had to download it to be sure my eye didn't trick me on that tiny kink... ;)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 1st April 2010
@djnippa: Thanks DJ! Its funny looking back at this one to see the amount of details packed into the same grid space used to create a pixel font.

@shasta: Hehe. Nice.

@aphoria: I think its more beneficial when the discovery is made on your own, but here's the cat out of the bag...

-William has the same technique employed with iSlab on the V.
Comment by geneus1 2nd April 2010
Mine did match after all. I guess I was just going cross-eyed trying to compare mine to yours in the previewer.
Comment by aphoria 2nd April 2010
Updated with 3 grid space circles. Made possible by nudging. It's not perfect, but its closer to what was originally intended.
Comment by geneus1 18th February 2015
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Legality” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 18th February 2015
Thanks for my 100th Top Pick! Its nice to join the ranks of funk_king, thalamic, elmoyenique, and four (and others I may be missing?)
Comment by geneus1 19th February 2015
This is certainly a very elaborate typeface. And 100 TPs? Wow!
Comment by laynecom 19th February 2015
Congratulations on 'hitting the ton'.
Comment by p2pnut 19th February 2015
Congrats, master! BTW how you do the 3 grid space circles appears so well?
Comment by elmoyenique 21st February 2015
Thanks guys.

@elmoyenique: You can clone and get the 3 grid space circle from here.
Comment by geneus1 24th February 2015
Despite the fs limitations, the serifs work very well.
Comment by thalamic 16th July 2015


Comment by rayhornes 14th February 2018

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