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A - happy
B - sad
C - all smiles
D - busted
E - surprised
F - hungry
G - happy skull
H - love and kisses
I - sticking out tongue
J - need to investigate
K - speechless
L - foggy / clueless
M - angry pirate - time to plunder
N - happy pirate - after plundering
O - happy boss
P - unhappy boss
Q - pissed boss
R - cool
S - way cool
T - not so cool
U - stoned
V - fried
W - totally wasted
X - happy angel
Y - sad angel
Z - happy devil
a - mad devil
b - sad
c - very sad
d - monster
e - wink
f - iron man
g - don't worry, be happy
h - money
i - happy cyclops
j - speechless cyclops
k - unhappy cyclops
l - waking up
m - going to sleep
n - sleeping
o - lord voldemort
p - eyes looking lower left
q - eyes looking lover right
r - eyes looking upper right
s - eyes looking upper left
t - crossed-eyes
u - eyes looking left
v - eyes looking right
w - cock-eyed
x - pacman
y - ms pacman
z - ghost
1 - see no evil
2 - hear no evil
3 - speak no evil
Info: Created on 24th August 2009 . Last edited on 18th October 2009.
License All Rights Reserved. No download available.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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This is very cool. My favorite is "need for investigate".
I hope the family grows even bigger.
Comment by gferreira_admin 25th August 2009
What can I say - LMAO
Comment by p2pnut 25th August 2009
I was inspired by your fsemoticons, particularly by cyclops, so I've made few at the same size. Let me present Mike Wazowski from Monster Inc.
Comment by Frodo7 25th August 2009
I'm joining p2pnut in the laughing section.
Awesome emoticons: the cyclops & pacman rule!
Nice Wazowski btw, Frodo7
Comment by cayo 25th August 2009
thanks gus, p2p, frodo and cayo. just having fun, fun, fun. so much so that i can't contain myself. how about another collaboration where we make a bunch of these emoticons? i will share the file soon and those interested can participate. just ask any of the collaborators from FS Collaboration 1 for the password and have at it. frodo - would love to see mr. wazowski in it :)
Comment by funk_king 25th August 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fsemoticons” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 27th August 2009
Congratulations for the Top Pick badge. The new collaboration is a great idea. I would be happy to contribute. Such collaborative efforts almost invariably result in great works.

PS: I'm just curious why did you changed your avatar? The old one was so good.
Comment by Frodo7 27th August 2009
Congrats on the Pink dot.

I'd be honoured to take part in a collaboration, if I may.
Comment by p2pnut 27th August 2009
frodo, sent you the collab info. no particular reason i changed it. i do like to use the avatar to try out how some of my fonts might look and also kind of highlight them. i always think mine looks so regular compared to some of the more cutting-edge ones that appear here :)
Comment by funk_king 27th August 2009
thanks p2pnut. sent to you also. enjoy :)
Comment by funk_king 27th August 2009
Wow, I love this. Gets a 5 star ratin' from me.
Comment by Gazek 6th October 2009
I like x and y.
Comment by Gazek 13th October 2009
These are absolutely great!
Comment by Sister2brother 29th October 2010
These are absolutely great!
Comment by Sister2brother 29th October 2010

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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