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This version of the Futhark (den urnordiska Futharken or the Elder Futhark) contains 24 letters (Runes). Most of them correspond with letters in the Latin alphabet. Those Runes you write using lowercase keys only. Don't use uppercase keys. Most of them don't work in this font. You will only get a small symbol indicating there is no Rune connected to that key. There are no Runes corresponding to numbers either. Some Runes are used for more than one Latin letter in this font. The s-rune is used for c, s and z in this font. If c have the sound value "k", use k instead. The k-rune is use for k, q and x in this font. "ks" might be better for x. The w-rune is use for v and W. In this font is included a y-rune that really don't belong is this version of the Futhark. If you want to be as historically correct as possible, you might want to use the u-rune in stead. These uppercase keys have Runes connected to them The E-key will get you the "ë"-Rune (also known as the "ï"-Rune). The N-key will get you the "ng"-Rune. The R-key will get you the "R"-Rune (which is a different Rune than the "r"-Rune). The "R"-rune sometimes also is transcribed as 'z'. The "R"-Rune is generally only used at the end of a word. The T-key will get you the "th"-Rune. The space-key will give you a dot that sometimes was used between words. The point-key will get you a double dot.
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