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My first attempt at designing a font. I may go back to it and tweak it. Any constructive criticism welcome. If you can find a use for it, great. The cap size is 8 blocks high by approximately 7 wide.
Info: Created on 2nd January 2012 . Last edited on 5th January 2012.
License Creative Commons
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Very nice one, with a “propaganda poster” feel.
Comment by riccard0 2nd January 2012
A good first font - well worth a bit of tweakage :) The diagonal of the '7' could do with being a bit thicker. 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 3rd January 2012
Thanks for the comments and generous marks riccard0 and p2pnut. Very encouraging words and from two prolific and accomplished Fontstructors. Keep up your excellent work, your inspirational to us noobs. I noticed the slim '7' p2pnut, thanks. I've tweaked it and a few other things, have a look and leave any more comments. Don't know if I'm brave enough to try lower case yet (need to master composite blocks first since the Cap size is 8 blocks high by about 7 wide). For now I've copied upper case to lower case, so no matter what case you type it should appear OK (latin only, of course). p2pnut you're a 1 person font foundry. How do you find the time? Considered using pro software and going pro?
Comment by DrowsyFonts 3rd January 2012
I've managed to squeeze in a lower case set. Slight trouble with the 'e' and 's', but generally I'm fairly happy with it.
Comment by DrowsyFonts 3rd January 2012
Just done a bit more tweaking. Promise to leave it alone for a little while now and let the dust settle.
Comment by DrowsyFonts 3rd January 2012
A sample of how it could look on a poster (outlines and depth added in Illustrator).
Comment by DrowsyFonts 3rd January 2012
Very nice lowercase! Isn’t "u" too narrow? (I would expect it to be wide as "n")
Comment by riccard0 3rd January 2012
Thanks, and well spotted. Just fixed it. I must have lost concentration.
Comment by DrowsyFonts 3rd January 2012
text sample
Comment by DrowsyFonts 5th January 2012
The samples show the design to good effect. It looks better all the time ... I still go back and 'tweak' some of my old designs occasionally - perfection may be impossible, but it's a worthwhile ambition.
Comment by p2pnut 5th January 2012
Great job at a first font. Some letters look a bit too wide (D, H, K, V, y) but other than that it works well. Very nice sample images too.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 5th January 2012
Thanks for the comments, greatly appreciated. Every time I look at the font I want to tweak it. Some of the letters you mentioned Yautja I agree need adjusting. A small grid makes changing the width of characters with diagonals tricky (ending on a half brick affects letter spacing greatly). But, I will try.
Comment by DrowsyFonts 5th January 2012
F could be a bit wider, I think.
Comment by riccard0 5th January 2012
Yautja, I narrowed those letters (you were right I think) and changed the "y" to match the shapes of some other letters more. Thanks for your opinion, it helped.
Comment by DrowsyFonts 5th January 2012
Hi riccard0. Thanks for taking the time to help me improve the font. I think the "F" is OK, are you looking at the "f" in the sample image, ("this font represents" and "exercise in frustration")?
Comment by DrowsyFonts 5th January 2012
Ops, yes, I looked at “frustration” and saw “Frustration”. Sorry.
Comment by riccard0 5th January 2012
Great first font! I think the letter "y" could be made blocky or squared.
Comment by cablecomputer 6th January 2012
Thanks cablecomputer. If you're referring to the "y" in the text sample image I uploaded, I agree. I've since squared it so it is now based more on the "g" and fits the style and shape of the rest of the font much better.
Comment by DrowsyFonts 6th January 2012
Hi DrowsyFonts, I used your typeface on this poster (bit of a redesign of an old one I did as a student project). Your letter shapes were just the thing! (show was an interactive theatre show where audience follow video game characters around and have adventures).
Comment by spacewindow 16th December 2012

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