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    Created on 22nd February 2012. Last edited on 26th February 2012.
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@ALD: I see some "unexpected" overlapping on your glyphs like it happens at the pairs "g/h", "i/j", "o/p", "v/w" and with the group "x/y/z". This is intentioned? If It's OK, I beg your pardon for the comments.
Comment by elmoyenique 24th February 2012
Actually, in the FontStructor, it shows it as intended. I'll toy with it later.
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 25th February 2012
Comment by mpdr 25th February 2012
@mpdr : iI know you're young but please look closer before posting displaced comments. First, it is not physically possible to clone "RMTeeny" because did not authorized cloning in his licence. Second, even if +220a is also on the minimalist bold genre, analyzing it you'll see it is fontstructed on a larger grid than RM Teeny and uses much more bricks to build its glyphs. And last, you do not have to "shout" all your comments in capitals, it can be annoying for others. Sorry i don't mean to hurt you in any way, i know you're young, but some things must have been said.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 25th February 2012
@mpdr: This is not a clone (I don't allow my work to be cloned usually). It is also a lot better than RM Teeny.
Working with a finite number of bricks there will always be cases of similarity between designs.
Thank you for looking out for my interests, but it's best to check these things out thoroughy first.

@ADL: Nice minimalistic work - worth pursuing :)
Comment by p2pnut 25th February 2012
I like this kind of tiny fonts. Good job!
I should mention that you get a lot of "worth pursuing", "worth expanding" and etc suggestions ;)

"v,w,x,y,z" don't really fit into this design (i.m.h.o).

Keep up the good work!
Comment by architaraz 25th February 2012
Looking forward to see the next stage!
Comment by four 25th February 2012
There's a lovely handmade feel to it.
Comment by four 25th February 2012
look, im sorry. i was just angry at adl for being narky! i didnt mean it i just noticed the 2 fonts are EXTREMELY similar. adl i alpoligise for my behaviour. this is a great font!
Comment by mpdr 25th February 2012
woah sorry double comment!
Comment by mpdr 26th February 2012
@neurone_error p2pnut architaraz four
Thanks everyone.

Ok. I haven't even seen rm teeny. And your outburst was in part my fault because I went on a rant about that clone of SwiftedStrokes (hope that's deleted by now) and taught you poorly about font etiquette. But it's all good now. And neurone_error & co, thanks for solving this little “fontflict”.
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 26th February 2012
thankyou all for being so forgiving! and yeah thanx ne and p2p for helping!
Comment by mpdr 26th February 2012
Glad to help.
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 26th February 2012
Hi everyone.

The current font count is 19384. I will release my final font as Agent Demonic Ladybug when it gets to 20000. After that, I'll be taking a new name, like what did.


I consider the last year of my time here at FS my “beginner” years. Starting in a few weeks, I'll enter my new stage, which will have many more advanced designs and many fewer “useless” fonts that don't take long to make. I compare my future self to beate or p2pnut, although not even half as good. Just wanted to let y'all know what will happen.

PS I'll still tag my first few fonts with adl. Agent Demonic Ladybug’s collection of fonts will be purely archival. Any comments?
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 26th February 2012
OH NO! your not leaving tho rite??? what will your new name???? i need to know who you i so i can look up to you as my font leader :)
Comment by mpdr 26th February 2012
It's a good think to put each time the bar higher. I did the same for each of my portfolios (NE, 00NE, TAG, DOT, AT, ATT, and now AFT which is to be the last one). Actually, my artist name has also changed from Neurone Error to Abneurone (AFT means Abneurone Fluid Types), but as i decided to put all my old immature works off to private and only publish the last AFT evolution, i kept the same account, to have all my transitory fonts (there are hundreds of them) easily disposable cause i rarely start with a blank page but i transform and mutate much more often.
Good luck ADL for your new phase. Having lived some of these important mutations increasing your maturity level, i know how much it can be exciting. Enjoy !
And also don't be despaired if at some point you figure out you are deceived because what you considered a definitive jump finally was only another transitory step, but next one could be the good one! Just keep it up honestly and with patience and courage, it surely will come, as you see all the NE, 00NE, DOT, etc sigles above, there was not only one jump to the ultimately mature ( i hope ) AFT series, and 2 years and hundreds of fonts were necessary to reach it.
You have already shown you have potential. Do persevere, and above all, listen more to what your own inner conscience tells you, you are the one really able to judge completely your own creative journey. What others say can only be indicators, cause their vision will be fragmented and deformed by their own projections. Questionning yourself you'll already know when they're right and when they're wrong and if they can be of some help. Just be confident in what you're slowly edifying, and, even if sometimes it can be frutrating, do not think it will be made in one day. Sometimes, when you think you are at last arrived, you will figure out that actually you just have really "begun" !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 26th February 2012
@Adl: I can't wait to see your new name and new stage of your font! Btw this is a nice font!
Comment by cablecomputer 26th February 2012
@ne cablecomputer Thanks for the kind words. Although I will still keep Agent Demonic Ladybug's work public.

@mpdr I would never leave FontStruct! I haven't figured out my new name yet, because “adl” is taken. Maybe ADL? I don't know. But the change won't happen for weeks so don't worry.
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 26th February 2012
it should be : ADLisback
Comment by mpdr 27th February 2012
Or adl2 maybe. Or +adl.
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 27th February 2012
I just noticed you're using the old version of my Composites tool. I've added a lot more since then.
Comment by djnippa 28th February 2012
I think my new name will be demonics.

@djnippa Awesome! I'll take a look!
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 28th February 2012
@mpdr: It is not very polite to advertise your own work on someone else's comments page.

It is also annoying (and rude) to keep using Caps.

Just calm down a bit, concentrate on gaining experience and learning how to improve your design technique.
Comment by p2pnut 28th February 2012
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 29th February 2012
@mdpr Not the right thing to do. Threadjacking is a sad way to go.

@ ADL Time for the HIDE button to be activated. Shame there isn't a DELETE button as well.
Comment by djnippa 29th February 2012
@mpdr I hid that one. Please be more considerate so I don't have to hide more comments. Thanks.
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 29th February 2012
so sorry i really had nowhere 2 put that :( forgive me!
Comment by mpdr 29th February 2012
goodbye i quit fontstruct 4ever. u guys r mean and i wasnt trying to be a bad person. i just didnt have a way to say look at my new font! i thought it was okm cause i had done it b4 and no one got angry. im sorry.

goodbye, from mpdr 4ever :(
Comment by mpdr 29th February 2012
and @p2pnut im a kid. i get exited and yes i spelt that wrong. to kids it means alot if adults approve of something youve done, including fonts. i just wanted all you "mature" guys 2 know i made a new font. but obviously none of you are "mature" enough to realise i look up to u and i posted that cause i want u 2 like my work.

im extremely hurt and all you guys, and i quote "just stay focused on your own fonts"
Comment by mpdr 29th February 2012
What?? You leaving FontStruct just because the guys are don't like your post??
It doesn't mean they hate you...
You're not a bad guy anymore...
They just told you to be more polite.
I know you're just 10 years old, I have a sister that a bit like you.
I'm sad you're hurt :(
I'm not forcing you to come back to this site, I'm just want tell you to think again, and choose the best choice.
Good Luck ;)
Comment by cablecomputer 29th February 2012
@mpdr : Are we real adults here, despite our age ? I doubt it sometimes. We all had, and ME more than anyone else here, had our 10 years old crisis reactions at some point. I did quit at least 4 times Fontstruct "forever" because of my difficulties to be in community. I think building fonts can be a good help for structuring yourself, it teaches patience, effort, and equilibrium. It forces to reveal the best part of what you can do. This could be more important than simply get the attention of others. That's why my "forever" crisis departures did never long forever actually. Fontstructor software can be a fantastic tool of self construction. The community that goes with it is a distinct thing that might not interfere so much.
My best wishes go to you for your future life, hoping you got this message
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 29th February 2012
No you're just going thru difficult times!
PLEASE STAY! I'm begging you!

(whoops, wrote in caps)
Whatever. Please stay. We want you here. Don't give up!
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 29th February 2012
I'm unhiding your comment, mpdr. Hopefully you'll come back to the live feed one day and see this...

Don't let others stop you from doing what you're interested in. Stay on FS. We all want you here and no one dislikes you. It's true, right guys?
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 29th February 2012
I personally don't think any less of mpdr for making a silly mistake. We all make mistakes. They obviously never knew the unspoken rules. Simply hide the comment. No harm done. Problem solved.
However if someone is going to be so childish to say "Boo Hoo, I'm leaving.....feel sorry for me", and be really immature about everyone's comments, just because they made a minor faux par, then let them go. Allowing people to get away with a cry baby attitude, and giving them attention only makes it worse. They will never learn, or grow up. If you can't take your mistakes on the chin and learn from them, then you may as well quit..... and probably return under a different name.
Comment by djnippa 29th February 2012
@djnippa Makes agreeable sense.

@mpdr We're hoping you come back! Please!
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 29th February 2012
“OH NO! your not leaving tho rite???”
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 29th February 2012
RITE thats it! yeah so i didnt quit...i still want to make fonts i just planned on ignoring all you bullys. but here i draw the line. grow up. look im sorry, i told you a thousand times i didnt mean it in a bad way. djnippa you are just a big bully. well....GO PICK ON SOME ONE YOUR OWN SIZE! yeah i used caps, get over it you wimps
Comment by mpdr 1st March 2012
@mpdr Nobody has bullied you, everyone just commented that "You shouldn't advertise", - that's not bullying, that's teaching.
You made an minor mistake, and you should just take it as a learning curve. Calling everyone a bully and wimps will not help your cause. It will only make people dislike you. Looks like you may need to apologise again.
Comment by djnippa 1st March 2012
@mpdr : the only really important good news i can read in your post is "i still want to make fonts". Believe me, all the rest has to be secondary.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 1st March 2012
Fontstruct has developed a community that is unlike so many found online.
The great thing about this site is its honesty ... you get support and praise for those things which deserve it; advice and tips when required; fairly gentle censure when you overstep the mark.
The one thing I have not seen (and which would never be tolerated by the FS community is 'bullying'.
We all learn from one another and try to share what we learn.
My advice to mpdr is that there is much to learn here - about typography and good mannered interaction with others.
Comment by p2pnut 1st March 2012
@P2Pnut : Remember Jenkins...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 1st March 2012
@mpdr: I'm with the guys, stay among us, please, and make fonts. FS always needs "young blood" like you.
Comment by elmoyenique 1st March 2012
@mpdr If you won't listen to them, at least listen to me. They're right! You're new to this site, and all djnippa's doing is telling you what not to do. In a nice way. So let's just have no more hard feelings and hear each other. Can't you see how badly everyone wanted you back? The last thing FontStructors would do is intentionally be unfriendly.
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 1st March 2012

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