MG Comix

by anonymous-479865

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Info: Created on 23rd May 2012 . Last edited on 31st May 2012.
License Creative Commons
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Well done! I especially like the R. Punctuation could still be improved.

Some suggestions:
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 24th May 2012
Nice work on the letter and numbers - but the punctuation needs to be more consistent. Still worth a 10/10 though :)
Comment by p2pnut 25th May 2012
@Yautja & p2pnut: Ya know what? I'll add alternatives.
Comment by anonymous-479865 25th May 2012
Alternatives added. And how do u post an image that isn't from a website?
Comment by anonymous-479865 25th May 2012
@micgio - When you click "Add a Comment/Image", below the "Your Comment:" box, is the "Upload an Image" link in blue.

Once you click "Upload an Image", two new boxes open up: "Upload Image:" and "Image Link (Optional):"

"Upload Image:" has a "Browse..." button, and you can use that to search for images/pictures on your computer (GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.). Alternateively, if you know where the image is, you can type or copy-and-paste with directory path/file name in directly. However, Browsing is much, much easier.

"Image Link (Optional):" allows you to enter the web address of an online image/picture that you would like to display.


It should be noted that "Upload Image:" can be quite finicky. For instance, when I upload JPG files, they do not show up in the comment, but when I upload GIF files, they do (!). So, I exclusively use GIF files for FontStruct.

However, other FontStructors have noted that uploading GIFs don't work for them, but PNG files do.

You may have to experiment. In order to prevent clogging up or cluttering the FontStruct Live feed with test messages, I recommend testing comments, HTML links and pictuture uploads in one of your own PRIVATE FontStructs. That way, only YOU can see if it works or not (picture shows up, link directs to where you want it to go), and everyone else is spared from seeing 10 or 15 "Test. Test. Test." messages... :^)
Comment by Goatmeal 25th May 2012
The v gives me an idea for recontstructing OCR-A.
Comment by anonymous-479865 25th May 2012
@micgio That has been done.
Comment by demonics 25th May 2012
I'm sorry, but I couldn't click on it. Try again!
Comment by anonymous-479865 25th May 2012 is the link
Comment by demonics 26th May 2012
I've added Greek and Russian/Cyrillic letters.
Comment by anonymous-479865 1st June 2012
@Goatmeal: Okay. I still can't upload images until you answer this question:

I know that JPG images are in MS Paint. But are Microsoft Office images PNG or GIF? If they are PNG, what are GIF images? (Or vice versa.)
Comment by anonymous-479865 13th June 2012
@micgio // Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 and younger can output JPEG, PNG, and GIF. I use Publisher '07 for samples. I haven't had any problem with uploading samples yet. It's even easier with Opera Mini Web Browser for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: just hit Select Image and you're taken to your Camera Roll. Hope this helps!
Comment by demonics 13th June 2012
@micgio: Actually, JPG images are just one of several image formats you can select in MS Paint. They are: Bitmap files (BMP) ; JPEG/JPG ; GIF ; TIFF/TIF ; PNG ; and ICO.

Some are better than others for different reasons, but there is no one "BEST" format.

1. At the top left of MS Paint, select "File", then select "Save".

2. At the bottom, below the "File name:" drop-down window, there is a second drop-down window: "Save as type:".

3. Now you can select which image/picture file format that you would like to save the picture as.

The file extension (last 3 letters after the period in a filename) is simply a way of grouping and identifying the contents of a computer file or how it is to be used. For instance, TXT files contain text and MP3 files are related to music.

The different file formats that MS Paint supports are:


BMP (Bitmap files) or DIB (Device Independent Bitmap) is a format developed by Microsoft for the OS/2 and Windows environments so they would work independent of the display device (like graphics adapters (back when that mattered)). The files aren't compressed, so the files size is quite large when compared to other formats.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group, 1992) has supplanted GIF over the last 10-15 years to become the 'standard' image/picture file format used on the Internet. JPGs typically have a smaller file size than GIF files, but in doing so, a little picture quality is sacrificed.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format, 1987) is an older image/picture file format, during the dial-up modem/bulletin board system (BBS)/pre-Internet days. Being a compressed format, GIF files are
typically smaller in size than BMPs. GIFs even allow for animation!

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format, 1986) is the industry standard for graphic artists, publishing companies and photographer (both professional and novice). It was originally developed to create a unified standard for desktop scanners in the mid-1980s.

PNG (Portable Graphics Network, 1996) was developed to improve and replace GIFs. The compression program that GIFs used was patented in the mid-1990s, which spurred the need to create an image/picture file format that did not require a patent license. PNGs are 'lossless', which means that even though the file is compressed, it does not lose any quality.

ICO (Icon pictures) is a format developed by Microsoft for computer icons in their Windows operating system. Largely used for icons.


I suggest the following:

1. Make a picture in MS Paint.

2. Save it as a particular file format (PNG, for instance).

3. Try to upload the picture in one of your PRIVATE FontStructions as a test.

4. If the picture displays properly in the Comment, then that is the file format you should use.

5. If the picture does not display properly, then it not the correct format for you.

6. Re-open the picture in MS Paint, and save it as a different file type (try GIF instead, as an example).

7. Continue until you find the image/picture file format that works best for you.

Good luck!
Comment by Goatmeal 13th June 2012

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