db Soda

by beate

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

dekorative, sansserif, db, dots


Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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first steps on db Soda !
Comment by beate 20th june 2012
Cool effects, nice font.
Comment by LingoLinda 20th june 2012
WOW again! You're on fire at the mo. Lovin' the outline version.
Comment by djnippa 20th june 2012
Everything you touch is gold!
Comment by laynecom 21st june 2012
Beautiful ... inspired ... wonderful. 10/10++
Comment by p2pnut 21st june 2012
Oh my gosh!
Comment by cablecomputer 21st june 2012
that isht cray!
Comment by regular_one 21st june 2012
Brilliant! Some of the circles look a bit angular, but it's not a big issue.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 21st june 2012
Another great work. You've been quite prolific lately. :)
Comment by aphoria 21st june 2012
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “db Soda” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 21st june 2012

Wow - merci !
Comment by beate 21st june 2012
You're a pro!
Cool font with even cooler samples!
Comment by architaraz 21st june 2012
Beautiful font, refreshing sample!
Comment by four 21st june 2012
@aphoria / djnippa / architaraz / four / Yautja / regular one / cablecomputer / p2pnut / laynecom & LingoLinda
Comment by beate 21st june 2012
You have risen yourself above competition. Excellent.
Comment by thalamic 21st june 2012
This is absolutely wimpy !
Comment by beate 24th june 2012
@Beate : They don't deserve that you take them so seriously (In a way, they succeed when it annoys you so much). I had dozens of these pure hate votes. You know your own value (and i think we are here often telling you how much you're important here), that's the only important thing.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 24th june 2012
Je le sais, mais ça m’énerve.
Comment by beate 24th june 2012
I'll address this to Rob:

I, myself, stopped caring accepted the low ratings as standard operating procedure. But time and again, the ratings have caused more anguish to the creators than be a real guide of the fontstruction's relative appeal.

This negative aspect is probably the chief reason there is no 'dislike' option on facebook. In a perfect world this would not happen. I hear astrophysicists are finding new planets almost on a daily basis these days. Maybe one of those is perfect. Earth and its people are not. If there is a chance to be negative, someone definitely takes it. And as it so happens, quite often.

Please allow me to request a permanent removal of the rating system. 'My Fav' count or Download count could be used to indicate an alternate rating system.

Or better yet: no rating system whatsoever. Every fs that's Top Picked is as deserving of limelight as any. I say make the TP page a random list of 10 of those TP. Anyone who wants to see some other TP can just reload the page. Fresh every time.

If nothing else, an option for the creator to disable ratings for any fs. No 10s and no 1s. ∞ forever.
Comment by thalamic 24th june 2012
so what.
Comment by beate 24th june 2012
Not that this isnt an awesome font, b/c it is, but what if someone legitimately dislikes your font? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.
Comment by truth14ful 24th june 2012
@Thalamic : Let's go even further : No more TP!
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 24th june 2012
Good, creative, inventive work should always be rewarded and recognised. I think the TP should 100% stay, as should the voting system.
Everyone gets 'voted down' at some point (especially when it gets TP'd) so it all balances out in the end.

However a fairer system would be a 'like' button, then the number of 'likes' gets added up. The more likes the higher the placing. No negativity can intervene. This will stop the 'voting down'.
Comment by djnippa 24th june 2012
@djnippa : I think the "like" system is just the same from a "My Fav" system. Just, it's more familiar to hear.
Comment by cablecomputer 25th june 2012
@Cablecomputer. A 'Like' button is not the same as 'My Fav'. My Fav is a much stronger phrase, and it puts the font in your 'My Favs' folder.
It is a lot easier to 'Like' something, then to say it's 'My Fav', so more people would vote. I don't want "My Fav' font folder being clogged up with fonts I only 'Like'.
Comment by djnippa 25th june 2012
Top Pick's should definitely stay.

As for the rating system, I just don't care anymore. I rarely even look at my own ratings. For other people's fonts, I do give many ratings, but I've gone to a system where I either give a 10 or I don't rate it all.

I guess I have efffectively implemented my own 'Like'. Additionally, if I 'Like' it, my 10 will help negate some idiot's 1.
Comment by aphoria 25th june 2012
i got downrated as well and made a sample because of this but personally i think you can't take this things to seriously.
truth14ful made a good point. maybe they really can't stand the type… you can't expect everybody to value or even recognize the impartial qualities of well made fonts. after all the solution for me is always the same: …who cares.
Comment by regular_one 25th june 2012
I echo aphoria's sentiments exactly. I never look at my own ratings and my 10/10 is a form of 'Like'.
Comment by p2pnut 25th june 2012
@ :::

Thanks all for your comments. I did not expect such an extended discussion. I think this is a good thing. It seems I am not the only one who cares about this phenomenon. Of course it is out of question that everybody has the right to vote according to his impression. And I don´t want to miss this. In principle I think that the voting system is ok - as well as the TP.
It is the great thing about such a forum that everybody who is investing time and effort here also can get recognition as well as constructive and critical comments about his font-structions. This is the basis of fontstruct. Therefore it would be sad to loose the voting system.
But the reason behind my last comment has been that I was angry about the anonymous "1", which almost always appears as soon a new fontstruct has been created. It is this "1" of an anonymous user (or probably better silent user) who does not have the balls to stand to his opinion and to express his opinion in concrete terms.
I have no problem with an expressed criticism - someone who says I don`t like this fontstruct for this or that reason. I don´t understand this behaviour. I think fair voting does not start with a click on a number - it starts with a statement and be it a single word or sentence. No?
Comment by beate 25th june 2012
I think it would be good if it would ask you to leave a comment when giving a low rating.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 25th june 2012
I think it is not necessary to enforce this through the voting system. It is a question of communication culture to explain both positive and negative aspects without being forced by a system.
Comment by beate 25th june 2012
I just observe all who reacted on the TP subject are almost automatically top picked at each of their move because what they do is exactly on the target of Meek's taste. I know it's not politically correct to say that but i think "Top Pick" is a bit pompous name for what is actually the favourites list of Meek made public. I love what Meek created with this marvellous site but i persist saying the Top Pick system is an error and can create frustration to people who work hard to create innovative quality works ignored by this system just because Meek is not receptive to or doesn't understand them (I'm not only talking only of myself, it took time but i had 9 top picks finally), even more when absolutely not creative works, bad replicas of existing fonts are TP rewarded because Meek is fond of these approximative reproductions.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 25th june 2012
For the record, out of Meek's 17 fonts he's made, 15 of them are top picks. Not that they're bad, most of them are OK
Comment by truth14ful 25th june 2012
Oh, I nearly missed this beauty. What font have you used as template, if any? Fantastic work. 10/10

@beate: I understand your frustration. You've created something really nice, and someone gives it the lowest rating. I think, this behavior rates the person itself. On the other hand, almost all good fonts have been down-voted. Welcome to the club. I have a history of fighting this troll activity. Some of my works sustained as many as nine troll votes. So don't despair. Think about those members, us, who appreciate your work. You're doing a fantastic job.
Comment by Frodo7 25th june 2012
Brillant! the conceopt, the design everything is great
10 ;)
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 26th june 2012
I wonder if this (or Klacks) will be a featured download :)
Comment by architaraz 26th june 2012
@AFT: This is essentially a conversation about trolling and its effect on Ratings.

Why, oh why do you always have to turn it towards your obsession with Top Picks (and make yet another of your attacks on the character of Rob Meek ... for that is what it amounts to!)

Over the years Top Picks have been chosen by various people - gferreira (Gustavo) and afrojet, as well as by Rob. Are you saying that everyone is in some form of alliance? That way lies conspiracy theory and paranoia.

Why not just accept the fact that this is a font construction site (the clue is in the title)- not an art gallery. Therefore, most people will focus their main attention on the qualities that make a design work as a font.

You choose to use this tool for your own purposes ... don't keep whinging on about 'how unfair' things are just because not everyone recognises and applauds your work. Just get on with enjoying the creative process.
Comment by p2pnut 26th june 2012
p2pnut said exactly what I was thinking regarding Abneurone Fluid Types continual complaining about TPs.

If you are only here to get TPs, then you need to figure out what kinds of fonts get TPs.

If you are here because you love to create things, then create things and quit worrying about TPs.

Regarding Meek's Top Picks, I haven't verified this, but I really don't think he gave himself any of his Top Picks. They were all chosen by Stewf, Gustavo or Afrojet.
Comment by aphoria 26th june 2012
@ Frodo7
Thanks for your comment. No, I had no template for it.

@aphoria, p2pnut, djnippa and …
You are absolutely right. TPs should definitely stay - and I think, Rob and his colleagues do a great job.

Comment by beate 26th june 2012
Sorry to all,particularly Beate, i thought i had finished with this obsession. I guess the lack of recognition by my father when i was a brillant schoolboy has let scars really hard to close. What hurts me goes far beyond the TP problem. Aphoria's right, i really enjoy creating and sharing here, even if there are few who understand my approach.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 27th june 2012
Comment by Warren.kirkpatric 11th july 2012
very hot indeed.
as always btw
Comment by kix 17th july 2012
Comment by orayaa 21st july 2012
Adorei!!muito obrigado!
Comment by donachica 6th august 2012
Perfect! Can i use your font in my flash game?
Comment by Edadinum 30th august 2012
awesome font :3
Comment by mandythepandy 20th september 2012
Hi ! This font is amazing and i make a quick visit on your font and you have a lot of amazing font ! Bravo !
Comment by dasmuse 7th october 2012
An improvement you could make to this already glorious fontstruction is adding alternate glyphs in the lowercase with unique bubble patterns. These would allow non-repeating glyphs in layouts, but also would be a step toward creating lively motion typography (though I would guess three frames is the minimum for a convincing effect). Maybe for the pro version?
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 31st october 2012
He guy's, go to my fond sharpoint plz.
Comment by 19florisk 13th december 2012
Very nice font. It looks like you put a lot of hard work into it. Nice name, too!

Comment by Mairi 18th december 2012
molto belli i gliffi
Comment by cristina ciutan 30th january 2013
This is undoubtedly an admirable feat of FS engineering with a fine result. Might I suggest re-visiting the A, V, and the leg/tail of R? …they are noticeably heavier in weight. H feels a bit narrow as well. Just suggestions… feel free to ignore!
Comment by fugitiveglue 18th february 2013
Can I ask something ,
Is it 100% sure that when I download this, it is free from virus?
Comment by angelgabriel 10th march 2013
Hi angelgabriel,

Sure, it's free from virus. How you arrive at this?
Comment by beate 10th march 2013
great work, but where is the downlaod button? o.O (im new)
Comment by toopa 31st july 2013
The creator of this font using the "All Rights Reserved" license that means NO FREE download...
Or, this font is still Work In Progress (WIP), no download until this font is finished / updated.
However, beate enabled free download in the past :/
Comment by cablecomputer 31st july 2013
It's very much done. (last edit: 2012). beate's most likely selling it somewhere else, so chose the All Rights Reserved license to prevetn downloads.
Comment by Houlaiziaa 31st july 2013
Comment by nirtong 15th august 2013
Hello, excellent work. I cannot find the download button. Can you send the font to me?
Comment by TenthLetter 15th august 2013
Very nice, but where can I get it?
Comment by marthurk 15th august 2013
how do i download this font?
Comment by cdafox 15th august 2013
TenthLetter, marthurk, cdafox — you can't.
Comment by demonics 15th august 2013
Not giving me anywhere to download either. :( And I love this!
Comment by BoneNinja 19th august 2013
you can't download it
Comment by Houlaiziaa 19th august 2013
how did you make some circles different sizes x
Comment by caityloo2001 20th august 2013
Great work! but I can't find the download button
Comment by rockalyrics 23rd august 2013
Comment by nuriel 5th september 2013
You steal my heart every time you publish a font! Sorry if I do not tell you every day. My heart is yours.
Comment by elmoyenique 5th september 2013

This is really charming
And it makes me very happy - vraiment
Comment by beate 25th september 2013
I keep in each of my previous words, chère amie. Your works are a luxury here in FS. Congrats.
Comment by elmoyenique 25th september 2013
You're the greatest fontstructer ever!!!!!❤
Comment by ladybug10 28th october 2013


Comment by Tenminder 20th march 2016


Comment by turygac 10th may 2016

It uses some weird bricks, still, nice font and maybe some alternatives; same shape, different arrangement of bubbles.

Comment by brynda1231 15th december 2016

Accents on ä and å are wrong and how many unique bricks in font

Comment by brynda1231 29th december 2016


Comment by brynda1231 29th december 2016


Comment by baramyk 29th may 2017

The accents on lowercase ä and å are wrong

Comment by Brynda 2nd june 2017

I now.

Comment by beate 2nd june 2017

Sorry : know

Comment by beate 2nd june 2017

Ca you please change them...

Comment by Brynda 23rd june 2017

é, W^, and w^ too. Can you please fix... before other people notice mistakes and goes insane telling you to change it.

Comment by Brynda 6th july 2017

Please allow Dowloads

Comment by Floppy T 25th october 2017

About the voting system and against its abuse (downvoting via a simple '1', a recurrent question in the early 2010s maybe), we know a solution taken on the most serious/technical fora nowadays: the members must obtain the right to vote. Personally, I never rate, for I think it would be impolite and inaccurate (because we'd need objective and skilled judges in the same style of fontstruction, which is almost unfeasible on a trivial site with varied volunteers, I assume).


I love your "db Soda" (light or not). Merry Xmax etc. too!

Comment by dpla 22nd december 2017

@Floppy T, I only quote: “Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.”

Provided you credit Beate for non-commercial use, I think, you may want to 1. take the glyphs as screenshots (maximum size in the previewer), 2. vectorize your lossless bitmap images (the freeware Inkscape does the trick). But again, always in compliance with the current license (i.e. it might fit e.g. a fair use, although I'd contact the rightsholder for more info if I were in your situation, since Beate is still active -and kind- on this place/showcase).

Comment by dpla 22nd december 2017

no download :( 

nice piece of art you have there.

Comment by PirocaChupaCu 26th march 2018


Comment by theultimaterobot 21st december 2018


Comment by yassin45 27th april 2020


Comment by e4099 20th march 2021

Accent on "é" is also wrong. It's showing up as "è"

Comment by AFontAbove Mon, 4th april

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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