dm E / light

by demonics

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Ah, to be the child of Futura, Gill Sans, and Myriad.
Info: Created on 24th July 2012 . Last edited on 26th July 2012.
License Creative Commons
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hi dm,

I have a "Nox" too: Light & Bold. ? . !
Comment by beate 26th July 2012
Comment by beate 26th July 2012
A great pixel font of simple elegance. 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 26th July 2012
@p2pnut // Thanks. Your kind words are always welcomed :-)
Comment by demonics 26th July 2012
Comment by demonics 26th July 2012
It would be great.

Comment by beate 26th July 2012
@beate // Hope you don't have a font called db E! :-)

Sorry for the confusion!

Comment by demonics 26th July 2012
It must have been a great effort to build this font. It certainly looks nice at small sizes, because of close resemblance to those sans serifs you've mentioned. At larger size, however, the diagonals seem disturbingly jagged, or serrated. I am very fond of pixel fonts, but dm E/light is just way too large. It can't take advantage of the same visual effect the small pixel fonts do on electronic displays. So what is the point? And more important, who would use this font instead of Futura or Gill Sans?

The advent of high resolution LCDs, such as the retina display on recent Apple products, renders pixel fonts obsolete. I've tested my pixel fonts on both the iPad 3 and the new MacBook Pro. They don't look as razor sharp on those screens as they should. It is sad, but pixel fonts will lose their importance and ubiquity in the coming years.
Comment by Frodo7 27th July 2012
@Frodo7 // Actually, it comes down, once again, to my laziness. I find the faux Bezier angles very trying and tough on the brain.

dm E/ light was not actually meant to be used as a pixel font; rather, a text font that can be used on screen or on paper at a maximum size of 16pt or so.

It's a pixel font, not smooth, simply because I don't have the time or patience to create a full-fledged faux-curves font.

Why would people choose this over Futura or Gill Sans? It's different. It has some Avenir, and some Frutiger in it. I built it on the premise of instant readability and elegant legibility.

Why do people choose Helvetica, not Arial?

In summary, it's a pixel font because it was easy to make, and I knew that it wouldn't matter if it were pixel optimised or not at the size I intended it to be used.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'll upload a sample of the font being used in a paragraph so you can see what I mean.

Thanks again :-)
Comment by demonics 27th July 2012
@Frodo7/@demonics/@beate: Thanks for your time, You are greats!. Still fontstructing please!
And Van Morrison...
Comment by elmoyenique 27th July 2012
@elmoyenique // Thanks, that cheered me up :-)

Here's Louie Armstrong for you
Comment by demonics 27th July 2012
@demonics: I kinda like your approach and candor. Laziness is a virtue for creative minds (but not for the dull ones). Laziness has been a major force of innovation, for those who really hated the daily toil. They have invented all sorts of labour saving devices so as to avoid hard work. You didn't like the tedium of faux-curves, and came up with the pixelated solution. Nicely done. To me, it is similar to lego sculptures (of Nathan Sawaya, among others); now I can see the beauty in it.
Comment by Frodo7 28th July 2012
Maybe it was lazy, but I think making a pixel font like this is a good idea. Pixel fonts are easier to use a lot of the time because you don't have to worry about ClearType blurring your font too much. I like it.
Comment by truth14ful 28th July 2012
@truth14ful // Thanks!
@Frodo7 // Thanks for the kind words and for understanding. You inspire me.
Comment by demonics 28th July 2012

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