by Em42

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

An optical trick applied to my Escaptionist fontstruction.


Click the image for more samples.
Comment by Em42 21st december 2008
Excellent, you magician, you!
Comment by thalamic 21st december 2008
That is outstanding Em42. Amazing job.
Comment by anonymous-101903 21st december 2008
wow. this is an unbelievable great work!
Comment by kix 21st december 2008
Diabolical! I want to wallpaper my bathroom with it.
Comment by afrojet 21st december 2008
oh... my eyes...
I try this whith colors...
Comment by icare 21st december 2008
Thanks for your comments!

@afrojet: why the bathroom? :)
Comment by Em42 22nd december 2008
Very nice work!
Not easy on the eyes, specially on screen, but must look great on paper.
Comment by jmarquez 22nd december 2008
@Em42: Because its smallness of size would amplify the effect. Which I imagine to be, like a boxing match between claustrophobia and vertigo.
Comment by afrojet 22nd december 2008
Mindbending, Em! I can't stop staring at it. I'm hypnotized! How do you make it stop?
Comment by geneus1 23rd december 2008
@Icare, Jmarquez & Gene: the font was closeted in my FontStruct lab for quite a long time because I was not sure about how much disturbing the optical effect was: personally I find it is funny to get lost for a few split seconds in it, but not longer!

@Afrojet: a wallpaper like this in a small room? It would really drive anyone crazy...
Comment by Em42 23rd december 2008
I want to make a poster with it for my living room! How would I use this in Photoshop or Flash? Is it possible? I can see it in "Fontbook" (I have a Mac), but not in those other applications ... help?
Comment by Giac5000 20th january 2009
@Giac5000: Thanks for your comment!

As concerning the font installation, I have no issue. Once downloaded, unzipped and installed, the True Type font is available in my applications.

Anyone else can help?
Comment by Em42 21st january 2009
cool!! OMG my eyes....

how can you fill in the empty space?
Comment by verdeviola 27th january 2009
Comment by leo.borelle 27th january 2009
very good.
Comment by anonymous-109969 30th january 2009
Thanks for the comments!
Comment by Em42 2nd february 2009
Comment by cayo 2nd february 2009
Brilliant Font! Perfect for an "Under Construction" image on websites...

I need to figure it out in large print but that is one I wil do with my cutterplotter and put on the side of my car....
Comment by klinkhart 3rd february 2009
@Cayo: thanks!

@Klinkhart: I would love to see examples of this font in action. If you put it on the side your car, be aware of possible crashes! :)
Comment by Em42 4th february 2009
Oh my god. Simply amazing
Comment by xenius 7th february 2009
That's insane! I almost didn't see the letters at first, then I was like "wait a sec..." haha. good work!
Comment by Dollydaydream 10th february 2009
Absolutely great! I really love this font, but do you know why I can't be able to activate it? It says the font is corrupted for me. Im using a mac and suitcase fusion. But overall, this is just amazing!
Comment by narani 13th february 2009
Absolutely great! I really love this font, but do you know why I can't be able to activate it? It says the font is corrupted for me. Im using a mac and suitcase fusion. But overall, this is just amazing!
Comment by narani 13th february 2009
@Xenius and Dollydaydream: thanks!

@Narani: I can download and use it on my Mac, but I don't use Suitcase Fusion. Try to install it directly from the font file and see if it works...
Comment by Em42 13th february 2009
That's a verry nice font
Ça fait tourner l'esprit! C'est magique
Comment by beate 21st february 2009
Really impressive. I humbly request a "thinner" version with more white space between the lines for increased visibility at smaller sizes.
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (sconstantinides) 21st february 2009
@Beate: Merci!

@Emepar7: thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately with the current FontStruct bricks it is possible to get a thinner line only by increasing the grid size and starting the work from scratch... I have to think about it! :)
Comment by Em42 22nd february 2009
Nice try of "Victor" Font http://www.gestalten.com/fonts/detail/?id=be0db8100e909556010ee783163e000e&path=fonts.experimentalfonts&count=15
Comment by BALSECA 22nd february 2009
@Em42 & Balseca

Another case like Enanitos VS Satriani VS Coldplay ?


One of the winners of the TDC2 2009
Comment by jmarquez 25th february 2009
@Balseca and JMarquez: all these fonts, mine included, are based on the same (known) optical trick usually seen in library of optical illusions. I was not aware of the Victor font, and I saw the Optica font on I love typography when Dioptical was almost finished (check the creation date).

Yet each set seems to be quite different and to have its own peculiarities.

If you check the comments on the Optica page you may discover that that are other creations sharing similarities with Optica and Dioptical.

I'm really surprised that different people came out with a similar idea in the same period without being influenced one another. I'm sure there is a specific word for this phenomenon, but now I can't rememeber it. :)
Comment by Em42 25th february 2009
I understand.
That is why I mentioned the Satriani case, besides Originality is always a case of applying influences no matter how small they are, even if you are not aware of them. But it would be interesting if you got the award with your fontstruction instead of the Mexican dude. :)
Comment by jmarquez 25th february 2009
A tipping point of optically challenging typefaces perhaps? The Fontstruct DNA mutating and infecting next generation typographers? Either way, they are all wonderful and big props to TCD2 for recognizing Guerrero's work. I see Guesrrero's win here as a victory for Fontstruct as well. Let's get weird with these bricks.
Comment by afrojet 25th february 2009
@em42 I think you're looking for the word synchronicity... horrible to read the font, but intriguing nonetheless...
Comment by antonie 3rd march 2009
Make it go away! evil genius!
Comment by cloud4197 3rd march 2009
Would you mind if I shamelessly applied this technique to my Agora font?
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (sconstantinides) 4th march 2009
@Jmarquez: I would have never submitted this font to the award as I would have never expected a font like this to be under consideration for the TDC...

@Afrojet: I'm glad you got weird with these bricks as well!

@Antoine: thanks for telling the right word!

@Claud9147: just follow what is suggested in the sample images... :)

@Emepar7: no problem, but I'm sure you could add a tweak or two of your own to create something original!
Comment by Em42 6th march 2009
EM42, I am freelance designer, I would love to use this font on a project I have coming up for a council. Would that be ok?
Comment by eamonnfoy77 13th march 2009
@Eamonnfoy77: I'm sorry but you can use this font for personal use only and no commercial use is permitted. Thanks for asking.
Comment by Em42 14th march 2009
great job...
Comment by kits 23rd march 2009
Excuse me, but what is the stroke weight that you used in order to create this awesome font?

Comment by assono 21st april 2009
The only one available in FontStruct! ;-)
Comment by Em42 22nd april 2009
Ohhhh nice! I have Vista 64 bit and this is the only font I have trouble downloading. Any suggestons?
Comment by WhoaNellie 27th april 2009
This is the only font I'm unable to download as well ('Font Generator Error').
Comment by bdhirsch 5th may 2009
as some of might have noticed... there are many undownloadable fontstructions!
The strange thing about THIS ONE is, that everything worked fine for this (and others) until FS did his server movement...
Comment by kix 6th may 2009
I'm sorry I overlooked this issue...

@Kix: thanks for your remark!

I'll contact Rob Meek and I'll let you know as soon as possible.
Comment by Em42 6th may 2009
Incredible what you did here, a perfect op-art style font!
It moves!
Comment by Axel Leyer 12th may 2009
The font should download now, as Rob fixed the issue. Thanks Rob!

@Axel: thanks, and don't try to work with it, as it really hurts the eyes!
Comment by Em42 18th may 2009
Comment by atomy 20th may 2009
you are cool and plese vote for
my Fontstruct bbecause i download
youre Fontstruct
Comment by Machoman 9th june 2009
i can't seem to be able to use it on photoshop. hmm
Comment by whdh 20th june 2009
i can't seem to be able to use it on photoshop. hmm
Comment by whdh 20th june 2009
Thx for awesome job.
Comment by eing6888 22nd june 2009
does anyone know if there any similar fonts to this that can be used in commercial project?
Comment by ukwarboy 23rd june 2009
@whdh: I have no issue in using the font in Photoshop. Note that only uppercase letters are available.

@ukwarboy: check the Optica font by BlueTypo mentioned above.
Comment by Em42 29th june 2009
House42 used the font to create artwork for the Skineskin laser-engraved leather covers for Moleskine notebooks.

Click below for more images.
Comment by Em42 29th june 2009
Very cool product, Em!
Comment by geneus1 2nd july 2009
Thanks Gene! :)
Comment by Em42 2nd july 2009
Hello EM42, I like your leather cover. Congrats!
Comment by mguerrero 3rd july 2009
how to create empty space? just lines.. no letter
Comment by mmester 21st august 2009
Comment by elpoderdelasideas 23rd september 2009
Dioptical is featured in the book Type Fontbat.
Comment by Em42 26th september 2009
Real interesting
Comment by Kaiserresidenz 16th october 2009
amazing concept! great work ^_^
Comment by toastedbutter 28th october 2009
Comment by ew. 7th november 2009
Mezmerizing and brilliant. Truly obsessive. Sadly, tried to download and suitcase says it's corrupt... :`(
Comment by SusanDotWilson 2nd december 2009
Hi Susan — we are aware of the problem with Suitcase and we're working to get it fixed. FontStructions are not corrupt, and you should be able to install Dioptical with FontBook.
Comment by gferreira_admin 2nd december 2009
Omg my eyes!!!
Comment by Brucewest85 26th january 2010
It burns! AGGH!
This font is diabolical!
Comment by ssaamm 29th january 2010
Being the n00b that I am, I'm impressed by a lot of fonts, but this one takes the cake. I'm still walking in circles... you are a genius Em42.
Comment by Font Fiend 30th january 2010
I printed out my name in this font and stuck it on the front of my binder, and when class is going nowhere I stare at it and marvel at its trippy-ness.
Comment by natsukilove2 19th february 2010
Comment by alessiofont 5th april 2010
that's brilliant! given me some mad ideas :o)
Comment by chet_webley 14th april 2010
hi, why i can't use this font?? instead it appears the letter of your logo on your site. what kind of protection? WTF??? with russia from love
Comment by znamenskiy 21st april 2010
MAN!! the first time i see this font
Comment by t-o-t-o 12th june 2010
excellent! can't wait to apply it to my designs.
Comment by enclavesix 15th june 2010
HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL! This is amazing!
Comment by randumb 1st july 2010
Fantastic font.

Now, how do I extend just the lines?
Comment by jeffreyzhangds 8th july 2010
Superb Imagination.
Comment by bobbyinsane 16th july 2010
I love this font! It's amazing! It's brilliant! It's the best I've ever seen! One thing: Do you know how long it took me to see the friggen letters!?
Comment by Romeo Figueroa 20th july 2010
just a quick question, but how does one fill the blank space in between words with lines as well?
Comment by 20three 23rd july 2010
GOOD WORk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by gudiex 27th july 2010
Comment by kimkingkong 3rd august 2010
Comment by Fishy :) (ishikarc) 9th august 2010
you should add a space character that continues the lines
Comment by calculatron 9th september 2010
Thanks for all the comments.

As concerning the blank space issue, I'm sorry but the space character is intentionally left out of the set as a deterrent to the commercial use of the typeface.
Comment by Em42 9th september 2010
the concept is so simple that's why the font is so GREAT.

From my perspective...this is a masterpiece!
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 10th september 2010
Comment by bastaman08 17th september 2010
fantastic FONT!
Comment by shericanzon1 26th september 2010
Waw... Absolutely stunning!
Comment by LessNoch 27th september 2010
Now I'm jealous! XP Why can't that be me? 2250 dowloads and lots of respect? I'm so jealous! I want an awesome font!!! :(
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 18th october 2010
No numbers? o well great font
Comment by truth14ful 24th november 2010
Hi, this is so AWESOME. Just how do you type text with it?
Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 6th december 2010
Comment by avidartist 17th january 2011
Wow! I Am downloading This!!!
Comment by Ossy 20th january 2011
INSANE! (ow... my head) Amazing! I don't see why I haven't downloaded it...I'm about to once I finish commenting! :D

P.S. For the "putting more space between black lines" issue, why not just clone it and erase every other line?
Comment by asup759 31st january 2011
INSANE! (ow... my head) Amazing! I don't see why I haven't downloaded it...I'm about to once I finish commenting! :D

P.S. For the "putting more space between black lines" issue, why not just clone it and erase every other line?
Comment by asup759 31st january 2011
AHHHH! MY EYES! MY EYES! Cool font, anyways.
Comment by Ghosthunt1 2nd february 2011
Holy crap this just about messed up my eyes, its fantastic
Comment by alexbuechel 10th february 2011
Comment by quickker 17th april 2011
Good job, man! Thanks for sharing!
Comment by AnmlstcBhvr 17th may 2011
Thanks for the impressive font !!

Comment by Diaton 30th may 2011
Comment by FK. 7th september 2011
just fantastic!!!!
Comment by BARAHONA COAST 28th september 2011
AMAZING! Thanx for sharing.
Comment by təмqlətoи 25th october 2011
I seriously screamed "Whoa!" when I realized how it worked. Amazing job!
Comment by Impl0x 25th october 2011
Thank you for sharing!!

really good!
Comment by IoOAL3XOoI 28th october 2011
Love this, but (not to discriminate, as he needs a lot of time) can you make numbers? I've been looking for this EXACT look for my logo, but with the fonts I've downloaded All I Could make is this...
Comment by jacobdeleon3000 1st december 2011
Hmm... without numbers, the 3000 is like the "300" on the movie "300" So, here it is...
Comment by jacobdeleon3000 1st december 2011
lol this hurts my head lookin at it...Dioptical is diabolical! xP
Comment by OblivionFont 3rd december 2011
This is a great font! Perhaps sort of useless, but endlessly entertaining.
Comment by smartass 7th january 2012
My eys hurt, when I'm trying to figure out the letters from your works.
Comment by Jenze123 7th january 2012
Works superb on Windows XP™.
Comment by Tsuser 14th january 2012
I am trying to use this front but I can only get one character at a time. It installs but only shows one character in the install file. Any ideas?
Comment by dungorthb 13th february 2012
Comment by qazqwer27 3rd march 2012
only uppercase?
Comment by DarciPeeps 30th april 2012
Looks like someone got there before you. [url=http://a2-type.co.uk/html/eyeslies.html]Eyes Lies[/url] was designed in 2004!

Comment by djnippa 10th june 2012
Looks like someone got there before you. Eyes Lies was designed in 2004!
Comment by djnippa 10th june 2012
Please, look at this for a minute: This is a copy of your font "Dioptioal" or simple "convergent thinking"?
Comment by elmoyenique 10th september 2012
@elmoyenique - I noticed that, too, when I looked at the FontShop tweet-link from Sept 7 (I think that was the one).
Comment by Goatmeal 10th september 2012
amazing :0
Comment by mandythepandy 20th september 2012
omg! seriously awesome!
Comment by pixiedust 30th september 2012
Interesting, love it
Comment by TanGan 3rd november 2012
Comment by anonymous-281937 12th december 2012
wow !
Comment by perassanna 23rd december 2012
My poor eyes…
Great op-art font! 10/10
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 29th december 2012
I'm dizzy and spinning!
Comment by jphturtle 11th january 2013
That's fun, not sure how I would use it though... And it is on the verge of giving me a headache...
Comment by Kradrling 10th february 2013
This is the best font I have seen on here 1000/1000!
Comment by IEatRaindows 15th april 2013
cooool how d'ya do that?!
Comment by udayofthefonts 23rd june 2014
Hello... does this font have punctuation marks? mine din't come with any :(
Comment by dyneryzen 22nd july 2014

soo trippy

Comment by BlackEagle1 31st january 2016

Put it in numbers on the back of a playing card to mark it. Way awesome.

Comment by O.P. 17th february 2016


Comment by arndlebihan 6th september 2016

Hello from Russia: http://www.paratype.com/pstore/default.asp?fcode=PT_OPT&letter=O

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 28th october 2016
Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 28th october 2016

This is making me dizzy.

Comment by brynda1231 15th november 2016

Please add the "Dizzy" tag.

Comment by brynda1231 15th november 2016

This is amazing

Comment by Kyld 24th april 2017

This is awesome, certainly could give people headaches or seshures but overall, great work!how long did this take?

Comment by Vortetty 13th may 2017

so trippy...

Comment by KyooshiFonts 4th may 2018


Comment by Joseph McKay (CaillouFanJoseph) 23rd june 2019


Comment by Budi Utomo Budi (aerostatis) 28th january 2020

woah, trippy

Comment by LetMeInIJustWantToMakeAConlang 29th october 2020

my eyes!

Comment by rayond621 10th march 2021

I broke my eyes trying to read it lol)))

Comment by Ilya Kovtaniuk 29th march 2021

Chris Eliades Design

Comment by designce@bellsouth.net 30th september 2021

nuclear waste

Comment by PenguinJames333 28th november 2021

ououuugh this hurts my brain

Comment by Kaia (notkaia_pmc) 17th february 2022

MY EYES!!! x_x

Comment by James Holmes (JCEH-TV 3) 16th september 2022


Comment by Darius124365 30th november 2023

my eyes!

Comment by Darius124365 30th november 2023

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