5x5 with smallcaps

by dpla
Cloned from Letter Shadow 5x5 by cablecomputer.

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The original shadows can be added via CSS (in a web browser) for example. I added a rustic image generator in the last characters (fanciful codepoints [U+2776-277C;U+2780-2793], besides card game symbols). X and Y spacing: 2 pixels. Proportional width and blocky layout preserved. Cheers to cablecomputer for (t)his “forgotten” font… :-)

Comment by dpla 18th may 2017

Update & fix: I permuted both 'Club Suit' symbols.

Comment by dpla 20th may 2017
Comment by dpla 20th may 2017
Comment by dpla 20th may 2017
Comment by dpla 23rd may 2017

This is terrific. I've installed MagicaVoxel on my laptop and played with it. My favourite render is Lego. Great demo pictures. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 25th may 2017


• First an offtopic notification: I saw all your pseudo-iso fonts on FontStruct, and I enjoyed them (among a few competing ones). I was planning to voxelize (.vox) these fonts (.ttf) before I understood it would take a while (to do it properly, esp. with the added glyphs to fill the basic Ascii set). So that I had to postpone this humble artwork (and the handful of possible cloning), too… I read here that a few veteran members began designing real life 'voxel art' with such toys in childhood… This is not my case, but even 2D-minded, I could comprehend partially the inherent optical illusions (e.g. Escher's flawed planes) lately, thanks to MagicaVoxel (you'll see I colored in red the disrupting edges in your related glyphs). 'Worse' for me: the new generations may get used to augmented reality in infancy… (Human brain evolution.)

• I was really impressed by Ant Attack. A pity the author Sandy White (innovative assembly programmer and early digital voxel artist), could not introduce us to 3D ones like yours at that time… Ditto in the sequel Zombie Zombie the next year, with a 4x5 and 5x5 text ("©AS" and "SPACEMAN WAS HERE !"). The first 'map' (once pasted) can be seen as a wink to the former groundbreaking (horror-survival) video game title. {Of course, Q*bert was showing this isometric path one year before.}

• Yes, ephtracy's MagicaVoxel is terrific (its viewer too), but we still need a -very- powerful machine in 2017! (OK, a lot less than in the advent of raytracing on 16/32-bit systems… where it could take us days for a single frame.)

Comment by dpla 25th may 2017


Comment by ColorSwitchFan25 10th december 2017

@ColorSwitchFan25: do you need more matrices, or an actual lowercase? (all this stuff is experimental, though quite usable as US-ASCII…)

Comment by dpla 10th december 2017

i use magicavoxel too!

Comment by alekoymostro 14th january 2019

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