Mystery in the Lodge

by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun)

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Here it goes, finally my first font 100% made by me.

Since I'm about to make a lil' webseries, I thought I could do its own font! And here it goes.

I could make more glyphs in the future in this font but this cover up, so far, all 95 unicode characters, so yeah. I'm glad to see how it turned out.

Feel free to use it for whatever you like to do with it, just don't forget to credit me.

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    Created on 15th August 2017. Last edited on 20th September 2017.
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I like the style of this a lot—it reminds me of some of the earliest creations on FS, when all that was available was the simple bricks used in this fontstruction. The varied contrast between the uppercase and lowercase seems odd but I think it works very well. A couple of suggestions:

- The lowercase letters with ascenders (b, d, f, h, k, t) have an x-height (height of the lower portion) of 5 squares, which doesn't quite fit with the rest of the font (6 squares). I suggest making the bottom part of each a bit taller to blend in better with the rest of the lowercase, including raising the bar by 1 square on t and perhaps f as well.

- Speaking of f and t, they seem a little unbalanced to me—I'd try either lengthening their bars or shortening the over-/underhangs.

- The Q looks very similar to the G and could be mistaken for a g; perhaps try something like this instead:

Comment by ETHproductions 19th september 2017


It was supposed to look like a kind of wood letters you'd put on a wooden sign and also was meant to be mainly used in one of my outside-of-FS projects. I guess I can give it a little renovation anyway (along with a sample).

There's just about the f and t unbalancements. I'm not sure to want to change them as, the way the f is made now make it able to have its overhang overhanging above the next letter, with the t just following its style. But I'll try to see for a solution.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 20th september 2017

I also took the opportunity to change a bit the 1 whose look was bugging me.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 20th september 2017
Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 21st september 2017

Loving the bold Eurostile feel of this one. Good job! 

Comment by toothy7564 9th january 2018

Oh yeah, as a heads up I noticed a handful of your lowercase letters, when put together, have very weird overlapping problems. For instance, if you type out a username of, let's say "longjohn15", the tail of the j will run into the handle of the g and it seems like an oversight. You can use character kerning to try to avoid this. In my most recent font (pictured on the right), there were several characters I gave scrutiny to, so I could make it look nice and fit snuggly together without certain letters running into each other or looking too spread apart. q and g put next to each other still looks a little odd, but everything else seems to lineup without disrupting the flow of the font. In fact, I tastefully make the letter combination 'qj' (as well as 'qJ', 'QJ', 'Qj', 'Qf', and 'qf') combine in a way that makes it seem like it could be a ligature. Hopefully you can use this to improve your font to your liking!

Comment by toothy7564 9th january 2018


Thanks for the feedback, and I'm conscious of the weird overlapping "problems". However, since this font was the first made, thus before I knew about kerning, I decided to keep it without kerning. All overlapping aren't oversaw, they were intentional though, I checked them all.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 9th january 2018

Also, funny thing, I only heard about Eurostile recently. I mean I already saw it before but, yeah, that wasn't what I was thinking when making this font.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 9th january 2018

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