Big Head

by JingYo
See also Long Leg by JingYo.

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If you want to know, A,B,P,S.... are (head)3:1(body). 

MOST OF letters are 12x6 except I,T,Y,f,i,l,m,t,y

I've made the numbers thinner. i d even k y. but they look better like this

What about Long leg font? do you guys want a "Long Leg"?

[slashes](Problem solved)

are \  / % ø recognizable? thanks to Se7enty-Se7en and Cookielord, \/%Ø is now better.

THANK YOU  \(◦'⌣'◦)/❤❤❤

[ogonek and stroke] (Problem solved)

ogoneks and strokes are annoying me. btw if you're speaking languages with letters that has ogonek or stroke sticked on. try to write a word with ogonek or stroke and remove the ogonek or stroke. and then recognize them

if you CAN. then why do you even put it on?? ¯\_(૦ઁᗝ૦ઁ)_/¯

coment below plz i need to know. :)


if you don't like it, clone it you lazybone!


I don't speak english well, so plz tell me what is the tag this font should have. :)


Can you please add the Latin-A? Polish, Magyar, etc. use this block...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 3rd february 2018

I'm still working on it. don't worry :D

So you want me to complete latin A or Polish&magyar letters?

btw as i remember we can send letters.

by click my name below in the "comment by JingYo", and find "Contact" and then you can send me a letter :)

Comment by JingYo 3rd february 2018

Hey! Just bumped into your font, and gotta say it's pretty interesting. The only two complaints are slashes (they are recognizable, but specific, I think Frodo7's Legolas Pixel interpretation of these symbols will fit your font) and lines (their width varies, so the font, especially lowercase letters seem to come from different typefaces). But generally, good job!

Comment by Cookielord 3rd february 2018

Like this font... Superscript 2 is a tad short, Diagonals of / and \... a bit thick, You can use the smaller triangles and the squares with 1/8's missing to accomplish the right thicckness... (see figure, the middle is what you could aim for)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 3rd february 2018

This is why I always tell people to research. The ogonek, in all languages that use it, represents a nasal vowel. In said languages, a word without a stroke or ogonek would alter tha sound of said character, and completely change the meaning of the word. The stroke, such as on D, T, Z, H, et cetera, alters the characters sound. stroked D = dh (the, they [dhe, dhey]); stroked T = th (thin, thistle); stroked Z = zh (treasure, measure). Does that help? The font overall, btw, looks good.

Comment by TCWhite 3rd february 2018

TY Cookielord (It took me a lil time to understand your name XD)

I just checked out Legolas Pixel interpretation. Its / and \ is really cool. I would like to try that design :)

About the lowwer case. what kinda idea do you have? plz send me a letter :)

Comment by JingYo 4th february 2018


Wow that's the thing i want to konw! Thnaks! it was always a problem for me. I'll try your idea. :)

Comment by JingYo 4th february 2018


I knew the problem of pronounce. but I want to see some examples. :)

Like in Chinese, my native language. Chinese as a tunal language, "識字"(Shìzì) and "石子"(shízi) sound the same when the tones are ignored, but 識字 is a verb and 石子 is a noun. We don't get people wrong even if we speak without tones.

so if i say "石子能識字嗎?" "Shízi néng shìzì mā?"

which means "Can a rock read?"

"shizi neng shizi ma?", by the grammar, I know the first "shizi" is a noun and the second "shizi" is a verb. and then I can understand this sentence.

So my question is "Can the strokes and ogogneks change the meaning?"

Comment by JingYo 4th february 2018

That's a good point. Any word can be understood given its context; so, in that regard, ogoneks are essentially irrelevant—to a native speaker. However, without them, yes, the meaning changes, like you stated with shizi. In English, we resolve that issue by spelling the word differently, such as reed, read. The strokes are not irrelevant, unless they choose to represent such sounds as we do, by using digraphs: dh, th, ch, sh, zh, et cetera. Also, I love that we have characters for these sounds in English, and have had them for hundreds of years, but do not use them. :)

Comment by TCWhite 4th february 2018

P.S.: the diagonals look much better now.

Comment by TCWhite 4th february 2018

The slashes are way better now, good job! Now about the lowercase (not limited to though). I meant that you should adjust the width of your lines so that they will be just perfect (Se7enty-Se7en already explained that in a comment under this font). 

Glad that you liked my name xD

Comment by Cookielord 4th february 2018

You're very hard-working as I see, 494 glyphs as of 2/4/18 is a spectacular number! Keep up!

Comment by Cookielord 4th february 2018

Here's a simple sample I made (using a pangram 'Jived fox nymph grabs quick waltz.'), first variant featuring the sentence case while the second one is all uppercase. The shadow has a 6 pixel offset.

Comment by Cookielord 4th february 2018

well, I'll get the lowwer case version2(only for basic latin)

and then you tell how is it! :) 

also, I'll work on it almost everyday becuase i'm on vacation ^u^

6,21,3,11.  19,3,8,15,15,12

Comment by JingYo 5th february 2018


19 1 13 5, but I am studying arts at a college :D

Comment by Cookielord 6th february 2018

Nice start on cyrillic and hebrew, JingYo. Hope you make it on the first page in glyph count...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 6th february 2018

(and greek too...)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 6th february 2018

wow cookielord u really know what i'm saying XD 

so plz tell me what do you think about the lowwer case

ps. I'm junior highschool student in asia. 18, 8, 16

Comment by JingYo 7th february 2018


I'll try! just wait ᕙ(⌐■ω■)ᕗ ヽ(✧∀✧)ノ

Comment by JingYo 7th february 2018

OK. Oh, BTW: Can you move the accent on the ļ to the left 2 bricks so it touches the letter...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 7th february 2018

Also, one of your bricks broke...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 7th february 2018


no problm.

I got the mail from fontstruct, when i c the bricks broke. I was like wooooooooooooot??? it's terrible! Should I claim that it was ma design? XD

Comment by JingYo 8th february 2018


The lowercase letters look better now. I was away from FontStructing and generally being online here since I am working on our studio's debut video game project and have little time to study, work and develop the game.

Comment by Cookielord 8th february 2018

Hope to give away some activation keys here on FontStruct if we make it through Steam Direct :D

Comment by Cookielord 8th february 2018

You develop games??? I'm learning Unity  and wanna develop games! :) It's so lucky to really meet a developer! I want to know more about you. can you tell me your gmail? Oh btw, you can send me a letter if you don't want others to know. :D it will be interesting

Comment by JingYo 8th february 2018

Ȋ should be capitalized...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 11th february 2018

Wow I didn't even noticed. Thanks for your message! it helps a lot.

It would be great if you can find more mistakes like this! \(ÔωÔ)/

Comment by JingYo 12th february 2018

I found that one of the bricks gotten replaced...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 13th february 2018

which one?

Comment by JingYo 13th february 2018

The top right corner...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 13th february 2018

1220 glyphs and counting...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 13th february 2018

fixed :)

\(˚ω˚)/ˉ[ T H A N K Y O U ]ˉ\(˚ω˚)/

Comment by JingYo 14th february 2018

I really like your two-level big head cyrillic letters. Also your capital Yogh still looks broken.

Comment by jonrgrover 16th february 2018

I agree with you, jongrover...

Jingyo, Maybe delta would look better if it were as tall as beta, zeta, etc.

Comment by anonymous-1520403 16th february 2018

Meant to type "Maybe delta and zeta would look better if it were as tall as beta, theta, etc."

Comment by anonymous-1520403 16th february 2018

Concerning the asterisk: you could make it mirror the quotes; in other words, a four-sided star.

Pointers/options: 1) I would lower the bars on t and f to match the x-height; 2) Fix superior 2; 3) lowercase thorn should be a combination of b and p; 4) g with cedilla should have a reversed cedilla, not comma, unless you make g, l, n, and r, with commas, which is how they should be anyway; 5) Latin letter six lowercase should be lowercase (a mirror of Cyrillic small letter soft sign); 6) Capital gamma and wynn typically have descenders; 7) lowercase wynn should be similar to p; 8) lowercase ou can be a true lowercase, i.e., without ascenders; 9) Capital turned V is actually an A without the bar; 10) Yes, delta should have the same ascender height as zeta, et cetera (the same goes for lowercase phi and psi); 11) Capital De, Tse, and Shcha  (Cyrillic) have descenders; 12) lowercase de should have descenders; 13) lowercase yat should be like the soft sign but with an ascender—i.e., the bar should be at x-height; 14) I would make the Vietnamese and other double combining diacritics stacked. It looks better now, however. :)

Comment by TCWhite 16th february 2018

i didn't know what "descenders" means. I googled it, and then i found that Google translate couldn't help omg. But i eventually find it's translation somewhere.

It means the u shape in small j. right?

Comment by JingYo 17th february 2018

I like the 4-pointed star in 90* angles perpendicular to each other...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 17th february 2018

1), t and f fixed. 3), lowwer thorn fixed. 4), g with cedilla fixed. 5), not sure is that what u want. 6), fixed. 7), I've made it like p, any other suggestions?. 8), is this what u meant?. 9), how's the turned V now?. 10), delta fixed, what about phi and psi? should i make the height like beta & theta?. 11) and 12) fixed. 13), how's the yat now?. 14), thx! ^u^

Comment by JingYo 17th february 2018

that's a lot of suggestions in the same comment, I wish u can list out your ideas like this:

1.  Example example the point

2.  Example example the point



Final words final words final word

Comment by JingYo 17th february 2018

Good job! I love the extreme proportions between the head and the body. And your handling of the style for the entire character is decent though. Keep it up!

Comment by cablecomputer 17th february 2018

now we got 4 designs, 4 numbers :P

comment below to tell me what you like 1, 2, 3 or 4?

cuz I don't really understand your describe XDD (Se7enty-Se7en)

so plz vote with numbers :D easier! ain't it

Comment by JingYo 17th february 2018

I like the second one...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 17th february 2018

You missed lowering the bar on a few t's.

The sharp s's should have the back tick at x-height as well—like f.

I like the second asterisk.

Concerning the cedillas: on characters like H, N and R, you can remove the connecter, or top part of the cedilla.

Lowercase de is down too far—it should be like el but with the descenders.

Capital Tetse is still offset—it should desecend as well.

Abkhasian Che's (the rounded E's) should have a straight desceder attached to the middle of the base, the same as dje.

All the updates to the other letters look good. :)

Comment by TCWhite 17th february 2018

thanks to your suggestion, sharp S is a lot better now. I like the old design tho RIP

Comment by JingYo 18th february 2018

I think all t fixed now.

Comment by JingYo 18th february 2018

Cedillas fixed.

I looked for Abkhasian Che with descender for a few minute and then I realized it was just beside Abkhasian Che XDD

Comment by JingYo 18th february 2018

I sent you a message about the terminology used in typography. You could use the image as your desktop background  ;)

Comment by nightpegasus 18th february 2018

Do you have "Sans Serif" as a tag?

Comment by anonymous-1520403 18th february 2018

OK i'll add sans serif

Comment by JingYo 18th february 2018

Can you do IPA extensions?

Comment by anonymous-1520403 21st february 2018

k! :P

just wait :)

Comment by JingYo 22nd february 2018

I've made some of them and I'll keep working on it. :)

thx for your suggestion

Comment by JingYo 22nd february 2018

Long leg font? Definitely.

Comment by anonymous-1520403 22nd february 2018

It just now occurred to me that I have an example of a couple of Native American languages on my Dehuti and others page, if you'd like to check them out? Diné heavily uses ogoneks.

Comment by TCWhite 8th march 2018

that's cool! I only knows that polish uses ogonek. Now i know more :)

Comment by JingYo 9th march 2018

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