Gremlin Skins

by zephram

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I designed this 16x16 pixel font to facilitate texturing and dithering for pixel artists. Not every piece of art software has tools designed for texturing/dithering, and loading lots of custom brushes for the purpose can slow one's software way down as well. This font was made to attempt to solve these problems. Now you can dither, shade, and texture by typing! Every glyph repeats as a seamless texture both horizontally and vertically.

The name comes from my emulator/game, "Virtua Gremlin". Although these patterns weren't in the game (it used 9x9 tiles, not 16x16), many of the patterns here are based on that earlier work. "Skins" is a reference to graphical skins, of course. :D



A-Z = textures

a-z = dithering/shading patterns

0-9 = scanlines

The rest is sort of a mishmash... I'll organize it better once I have enough glyphs to warrant a good classification system...

Have an idea for a pattern? Want to see a particular sprite or aesthetic included? Let me know :D


Original size: 12pt (use multiples of this value for pixel perfection)

Tip: View this in the Character Map so you can more easily grab and paste glyphs when designing!

See also: Gremlin Skins HD


v0.1 preview

Comment by zephram 8th february 2018

Nice start. Here is the list of ascii characters if you want:









Ø = Null

You can copy any of these characters.

Comment by anonymous-1520403 9th february 2018

Yes, thank you. I did wonder exactly which characters I should use when I expand the set. This table helps me make a lot of glyphs while also keeping them accessible.

Comment by zephram 9th february 2018

Wow! These patterns tile very well and look just perfect, so I want to thank you for being so creative :D

Comment by Cookielord 9th february 2018

Some v0.2 textures.

Comment by zephram 14th february 2018

Have I told you how awesome are your creations? Even if I have, I want to do it once more--I just can't stop staring at your fonts :D

Comment by Cookielord 15th february 2018

Thank you :D

I've added 21 glyphs today. I think most new additions will be extra textures, because there's only so many ways to fit halftones into 16x16 without breaking the grid.

Comment by zephram 15th february 2018

MacPaint etc. Good job!

Comment by dpla 21st february 2018

Updated with 120+ new glyphs. I never thought I'd find so many ways to make a 16x16 pattern. :^)

Comment by zephram 18th march 2018

Fellow pixel artists, I need your help in taking this one further. What sorts of patterns do you find yourselves drawing over and over? Which ones do you wish took you less time to create and fill an image with? Those are exactly the kinds of patterns I want this font to have. Most of the samples I post to this site were textured with this... how far can its functionality extend?

(Sample: A game by me which uses Gremlin Skin textures on just about every map.)

Comment by zephram 7th april 2018

Hmm... I'm trying to decide if the last few glyphs are from Minecraft or not...

Comment by pizzamizza 7th april 2018

Yes, those are imitations of Minecraft textures. There's also some boxes from Super Mario World. This font is trying to serve several purposes at once (diagramming, content generators, etc. etc.) and I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a few more familiar-looking glyphs.

Comment by zephram 7th april 2018

then this would be the perfect font for me! It's one the best fonts I've seen, actually. Any idea when the full font would be done?

Comment by pizzamizza 7th april 2018

It's done whenever we think it's done and it's got everything we want in it. :D

A LOT of games use 16x16 textures, so I'll add any other cool ones I find.

The letters that the MC bricks are on will probably change. I'll move them to another block so there can be more of them.

Comment by zephram 7th april 2018

Keep up the good work! Love to see the finished product!

Comment by pizzamizza 7th april 2018

I reworked many glyphs so that more of them could be used as 8x8 tiles. More were added, as well. Total is nearly 300 at the time of posting this. :D

Comment by zephram 8th july 2018

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