PureProg 12 5x8 Pixel mono Normal

by Handfratze

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This fontstruction is made for programmers and coders. It's focused on beeing very small, monospaced and easy to read. It includes many international glyphs.
It isn't possible to draw some very exotic letters at this small size, so I abstracted or modified them to still identify them or associate them with the original letter.

The additional information behind 'Pure Prog' have got the following meanings:

12 -> use font-size 12 to see the at original size (although fontstruction says its 16)

5x8 -> capital letters are 5 pixel wide and 8 pixel tall

Pixel -> pixelbased (just consists out of sqaure bricks)

mono -> monospaced/fixed width (every glyph has got the same width)

Normal -> normal version (there are some variantions existing)


Very nice!
I think the x-height for all lower case should be one grid square higher (like the “t”). Also I'm not so keen on the way that some of the accented characters (e.g. “”) drop below the baseline — I guess this is to maintain the monoheight — is that important? If it is, maybe you could try compressing the letters vertically instead.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 7th march 2009
@meek: Thank you, for your comment and constructive criticism!

I will change the x-height of all lower case like you mentioned.

Further, I will split up this Font into two different styles. One with the "dropped down" accent characters and one with "non-dropped".

I'm quite not sure, but I guess I will also remove the Hebrew, Katakana, etc. glyphs, because I think they are rather unnecessary and to badly made. If anyone thinks I shouldn't do so, please tell me!

As a demonstration of what this font was created for, I've uploaded the following Image, which is NOT INCLUDING the planed changes yet.
Comment by Handfratze 9th march 2009
Great job! I'm always interested in finding clear and small fonts for use when coding, and this one fits the bill. I agree with meek's comments, and I look forward to the update.
Comment by Harkonenn 10th march 2009
@Harkonenn: Thanks for your comment!

Updates are now finally done!
Small letter height has been increased by one grid.
Also, I've splitten up the fontsruction into 3 different styles to please everyones taste (one additional style is planed):

1. PureProg 12 5x8 Pixel mono Normal -> 3 pixel above the normal capital letters are used for accents.

2. PureProg 12 5x8 Pixel mono Dropped -> some accented characters are dropped below the baseline to reduce maximum height by 3 pixel.

3. PureProg 12 5x8 Pixel mono Compressed -> some accented characters are compressed, to reduce maximum height by 3 pixel, without dropping the letters below the baseline.

4. PureProg 12 5x8 Pixel mono Mixed -> THIS ONE IS PLANED, BUT NOT DONE YET! 1 pixel above the normal capital letters are used for accents. Also, some accented characters are slightly compressed and/or slightly dropped below the baseline to get average advanage of all other 3 styles while increaing readablity. (at least I hope so...)

new screenshots will come soon...
Comment by Handfratze 12th march 2009
What's the meaning of Fehlermeldung, Ordner and Pfad used on the code? They are German words.
Comment by gmailseotae 24th december 2013


Comment by ttg16777216 29th may 2019

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