Pixerrain 16

by zephram

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A simple 16x16 terrain tileset. This is designed to work in color AND in monochrome.

In making this, I condensed all known biomes (terrestrial, aquatic, air, space, manmade, transitional) into 26 tiles. This allows a given tile to define multiple different types of areas/terrain, and it allows you to come up with your own meanings for these tiles, rather than having to memorize a legend. Some of the tiles are obvious and some are not; this is by design.

A-Z, a-z = terrain

0-9, 0-9+SHIFT = map borders/frame


Original size: 12pt

Map Template:


See also: Donjon 16, Gremlin Skins


Comment by zephram 21st june 2019

@zephram - I always like to see FontStruct being used for more than just creating typefaces; it is also a wonderful tool for creating pixel art like this.  May I suggest that instead of duplicating the uppercase, remove the letters from the upper left corners of the lowercase glyphs as an alternative (much like you would see in an actual game).

Comment by Goatmeal 21st june 2019

@Goatmeal: Cheers. I took your suggestion. I originally drew the map borders in LC, but then thought "It should be the other way around"... but I couldn't transpose LC to UC without wiping out the art. I'm still not sure how to perfect it (at present it can only label 10 rows/columns), but otherwise I think the new mapping is pretty optimal.

Comment by zephram 21st june 2019

Monochrome sample w/new tiles

Comment by zephram 21st june 2019

Damn this is cool

Comment by Echo Heo (bluemon) 21st june 2019

While the other samples show world maps, this one shows a locality map - a portal shrine with four portals to different places, each housed in a brick structure.

A leads to Ketchupland, where ketchup is unlimited.

B leads to Mustardville, home of Johnny Mustard the mad possum catcher.

C leads to Relish Castle, where King Hotdog lounges in an ornate hammock made of platinum.

The sign on D says it leads to a lifetime supply of hot dogs, but actually leads to an instant death trap. The ancients were pricks sometimes.

Comment by zephram 21st june 2019

Thanks, @bluemon! I was writing my other comment while you posted that... :D

Comment by zephram 21st june 2019

An attempt at a town map, using blocks made with the , glyph to signify rooms and structures.

Comment by zephram 21st june 2019

Using Pixerrain 16, Eglantine and Empathogenesis to make a game in GBStudio.

Comment by zephram 25th june 2019

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