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a geometric typeface inspired by 1950s-1970s lettering of the swiss railways, based on a square shape for most letters. there will be condensed and extended versions too. if you use this font for print, web, logos or other publications, please drop me a note, i'd be happy to receive samples and photos of the font in use! 2012-02-25 corrected accents


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Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 25th february 2013
Nice work!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 25th february 2013
Thanks! Now working on condensed, extended and monospaced versions.

It's not all that easy particularly with the diagonals in KMNVWXYZkvwxyz: you basically have three diagonal angles to work with. You already see that the "W" in this version is rather wide; for extended using 45° bricks for the W would make it excessively wide. Same for the X: 45° is too narrow (for extended), the next one too wide already. I'm still experimenting if I could create different angles with compound bricks but the software won't let me make a compound brick of 2×3.
Comment by unci 25th february 2013
I'll be looking forward to seeing those versions :)

And I see what you mean with those pesky angles. They can be frustrating in fonts like these. This could help:

Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 25th february 2013
Whow, thanks a lot! With those new angle bricks I'm going to rework those few characters that I don't like yet.
Comment by unci 25th february 2013
Be sure to update all the diacritical marks associated with thouse characters too!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 25th february 2013
I was going to add that you have up to eight angles to work with, but I see winty5 posted a link, lol. Some of the angles get tricky. You just need to build them large and then make compounds out of them. You can do 1x2, 1x3, and 1x4, for example, up as well as down, if that helps?
Comment by sarreyn 1st march 2013
Thank you, I reworked some characters and added a few more (Letterlike symbols, general punctuation and some math operators). I will need the special angles for the monospaced version that I still have in the works (a monospaced W will need 6×1 or 8×1 diagonals).

Try out this version on screen and print and tell me what could still be improved. I am aware that FontStruct does not allow to define kerning pairs (yet?) and left/right margins cannot be adjusted in half brick widths which leads to odd spacings of a few characters. (Take the "z" for example which is 4.5 blocks wide due to the angle and the "best width" of the diagonal. That means that on one side it will have too much or too little space, compared to other characters.)
Comment by unci 1st march 2013
You could get around the width issue on z by changing the filters to 2x2, but you would essentially have to redo the whole font which is a lot of work... (unfortunately there isn't an automatic conversion)

Or center it like the x?
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 1st march 2013
There - "z" centered, also "w" made narrower. In doing this I noticed that making composites seems to have some limitations: you can't make composites of composites of composites ... so you may notice a slight inconsistency about the "w" at large sizes if you look closely (the upper point is "pointier" and the lower points more "flattened").

Is there any such thing as a "quarter circle over 2×2 blocks"? That would also help to make a typeface that isn't all that squarish.
Comment by unci 1st march 2013
Nice new z and w! :)
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 2nd march 2013
A few more ligatures such as CH Ch ch CK ck TH Th ft fft fj in "Alphabetic presentation forms". (Where in unicode is the recommended place for unusual ligatures?) By the way the selection box for unicode ranges could really be improved by not showing the areas that you aren't using anyway (I'm NOT going to include chinese with this one! Sorry to my chinese friends!) It also looks like some of the areas of can't be accessed at all.
Comment by unci 2nd march 2013
Unicode will not place any more ligatures besides the ones already there in Presentation Forms. I suggest placing them in the unoccupied codepoints after st (although then it would not be consistent with other fonts, but oh well), as FontStruct does not have Private Use section yet (or Chinese, for that matter ;P).
Also, FontStruct does not have support for excessively large blocks of Unicode yet (for example, Chinese and Hangul), and support for Unicode higher than U+FFFF was glitchy (as I brought to the attention of staff).
Comment by Houlaiziaa 2nd march 2013
Any chance of doing something within "Transportation and map symbols" using Fontstruct?
I installed the font "Symbola" by George Douros from
but the symbols there look a bit too Japanese to me, I'd like to add my more European ideas for the symbols in that range.
Comment by unci 3rd march 2013
FontStruct only has support for Plane 0 of Unicode (U+0000 to U+FFFF), and even then it's not complete. Anything above U+FFFF (Planes 1, 2, 14, and 15) (as in is not yet here. It was before, but was glitchy and is gone, unfortunately.
Comment by Houlaiziaa 3rd march 2013
Awww, mannn!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 5th march 2013

Impressive work.. who 857 glyphes. And nice retro Sf type. thanks for share Spacefurs

Comment by jvne77 23rd july 2017

It's clonable, Jvne, If you want to add letters, clone it and add them

Comment by Brynda 24th july 2017

Besides, some accentes are missing on the letters.

Comment by Brynda 24th july 2017

Like &Eognek

Comment by Brynda 24th july 2017

I just added a few missing accents in the extended latin A block.

Comment by unci 24th july 2017

Do you mind id I do japanese and other scripts?

Comment by Brynda 24th july 2017

Sure go ahead, I thought about hebrew but know not enough about japanese to go on ... greek and cyrillic are at least somewhat related.

Comment by unci 24th july 2017

How to get more Latin and Cyrillic in fontstruct???

Comment by Facebankman 31st july 2023

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