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Because I didn't get out my Star Trek or Wolverine fonts out in time for their opening days. If Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen were a typeface, it would be the flashiest headline display font, with very little readability, but it would contain the most explosions and roboticity you've ever seen, with a hint of Megan Fox running in slow motion. With respect to the Terrible for already doing this before.


Very well-made and oportunistic.

I find the pattern of circular shapes that emerges in the middle of horizontal bars in glyphs like B E F H a bit distracting. Is it possible to make it look more like the other (top/bottom) horizontal bars?

It would be cool to have a full set of alternates & ligatures for composition of logotypes and headlines; something like singularity_ligatures...

Also, thanks for citing your influence. I think it is very important to show respect to other designers and be transparent about our references ad sources of inspiration.
Comment by gferreira_admin 25th june 2009
Frankly, I was surprised when the Star Trek Babies movie came and went and I didn't see a font from you appear here.

Ha! I just notice the Megan Fox tag. Good one.

I agree with GF that you should flush out some ligatures. I'd like to see an 'AVA' ligature.
Comment by afrojet 25th june 2009
What a cool effect. It's got a '50s-television scan-lines thing happening. And all with little bricks. Very impressive.
Comment by intaglio 25th june 2009
It looks veeeery movie poster-ish.

I have always felt that writing a song is much easier to do (for a musician) as compared to scoring a movie because a song is a stand-alone thing and can be made into anything and still be appropriate, whereas scoring requires the music to be evocative of the required feeling, which is, I believe, way harder. (Whew!) Therefore, getting a movie tribute font to look movie poster-ish is equal as high as scoring the music. Excellent...yet again.

PS: Try setting the filters below 1 (0.95, 0.9, 0.85). The previewer just seem to render scaled-down bricks a bit cleaner, especially for the reduced-size circles and squares.
Comment by minimum 26th june 2009
Oh...superb masks. Very Transformers/Bionicle.
Comment by minimum 26th june 2009
@gferreira: Pattern changed for the BEFH. Don't know why I didn't start it like that in the first place. Alternates and ligatures would be cool if I didn't have attention deficit disorder, like Mr. Benson. It does give me a lot of ideas though. Eventually...

@afrojet: Slipped in AV and VA just for you. Megan Fox. Just had to say it again. Yeah.

@intaglio: Thanks! It's weird to actually work with the pattern though. The solid version is the most functional.

@minimum: Nice analogies between songwriting and scoring films. I think that creatively, the opposite can be true too depending on the context. When scoring a film, the task is generally to emotively facilitate what the story is trying to communicate congruently with its energy. When songwriting, you have to create the story and communication. I'm used to the music video model, where the audio normally influences and determines interpretive visuals. But really, this font was a last minute decision that was fairly easy to do. It's done at 2x2 scale, so fractionally scaling down would look a little weird.

Comment by geneus1 29th june 2009
Watch out mate, I've just had my Top Picks revoked on NCD Neopolicia, for being too similar to the Grant Font. Even though I had less than 12 letters to go on. Creating fonts based on something that has already been created doesn't seem to be allowed anymore, r indeed deserve a Top Pick. A very poor decision in my book.
Comment by djnippa 30th june 2009

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