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    Created on 10th September 2009. Last edited on 13th September 2009.
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I particularly like the way Gustav's design exploits the brick shapes rather than fights them. It's uncanny. I'm trying to "go with the bricks" myself instead of forcing them. He said through gritted teeth.
Comment by intaglio 11th september 2009
You have my awe and stars, as usual. This is beautiful.
But who is Gustav?
Gustav Jaeger? Gustav F. Schroeder? Gustav Jensen? Gustav Stickley? Gustav Andrejs Grinbergs? Gustav Ekelund? Gustav Jerlardtz? They are all font designers. (I didn't know there were so many of them in Sweden.)

Comment by Frodo7 11th september 2009
Very elegant and beautifully proportioned. There is nothing 'forced' about the result :)

I guess you are working on the S at the moment ... or did the font troll attack that as well as your rating?

I gave this a 10, as did Frodo7, so some dimwit must have given it a 1. It makes you wonder what is so bad in their life that they have nothing better to do than spend time being so negative.
Comment by p2pnut 11th september 2009
@P2pnut: No, it´s the new rating system.
Comment by Magic Sam 11th september 2009
@frodo: Sorry for engendering confusion. It's Gustavo, innit. gferreira our very own administructor.
@pnut: haha! I just did a temp cap S so I could finish the sample. I had a jam session to go to yesterday so I had to tear myself away from working on the font. I know it's got nothing to do with anything but I'm buzzing about that at the moment. A drummer friend who I haven't jammed with for twenty years is having a weekly jam session at his house, and we're all having a blast. I haven't played for such a long time, it's like getting my rocks off after a long abstinence. Blood blisters this morning. Working on my calluses.
Comment by intaglio 11th september 2009
Great stuff tag :) What instrument do you play?
Comment by p2pnut 11th september 2009
A superb typographic work.
Comment by PhaistosDisk 11th september 2009
I play the bass, but switched to drums a while ago because of RSI. The old bones are wearing out. However, having stopped bass playing for five years or so, I can now come back to it once a week as long as I don't practice. (Ha ha, I knew there was a perfect excuse.) And having taken up the drums myself I've got a deeper appreciation for what Ian (the drummer) does when we're jamming.

@PhaistosDisk: thanks for the encouragement.
Comment by intaglio 11th september 2009
looks kind of like a modernized blackletter font. sweet :)
Comment by funk_king 11th september 2009
Yes, I didn't want to do a straightforward blackletter. There are plenty of brilliant examples in the gallery, no way can I add anything there! Fontstruct lends itself to blackletter concepts quite nicely, doesn't it. It's the straight-sided thing as opposed to having to cope with curves, I suppose.
Comment by intaglio 11th september 2009
So much to like about this. I really love those little knuckles (I'm sure there is a real typo term) on the upper-right corners of some letters, like B, D, m, n, etc.
Comment by aphoria 12th september 2009

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