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Very nice pencil-handwriting effect. Finally, someone has made a Katakana and Hiragana set on FS. Spectacular debut. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 19th september 2009
Download did not work. Maybe it's too big, with lots of bricks. I almost forgot to tell: could you reduce the SPACE, and the space between some glyphs?
Comment by Frodo7 19th september 2009
Hi, I didn't finish it yet... besides it's my first font that I make, so I hope you understand if it's not perfect. I'll try to fix all the mistakes. Thanks for your comments.
Comment by bokuwatensai 19th september 2009
I knew it was your first. It is already more than beautiful. Just take your time, I and do all the fine touches you deem necessary.
I wonder if you could share some secrets about your method: how Piccelation (sic) was made. I'm pretty sure more than a few of us would be interested.
Comment by Frodo7 19th september 2009
I don't know if it's a secret or not, I just did it with my Wacom tablet. I guess you can do it with a mouse, but it would be harder. To get the effect, start to sketching the glyph with fast and short strokes. Depending on the letter, some have more strokes per line than others.
Comment by bokuwatensai 19th september 2009
Really good freehand font :)
Comment by p2pnut 19th september 2009
This is really cool. I wondered if you had a Wacom tablet. These types are really hard to do with a mouse...at least I think so. :)
Comment by aphoria 20th september 2009
Thanks! and yes, is really hard to do with a mouse.
Comment by bokuwatensai 22nd september 2009
Fascinating. The details on this are amazing! I have always liked the scibble-like fonts. I must know; what inspired you to make this?
Comment by Mel O'Mann (aaaalllleeeexxxx) 22nd september 2009
Yes, I agree. Very nice! 10/10
Comment by jinx 22nd september 2009
Thanks again! :D

aaaalllleeeexxxx: what inspired me? hummm... I think it was the fact that I didn't see that much this kind of fonts in the site, so I decided to enlarge the catalogue ;)
Comment by bokuwatensai 22nd september 2009
excellent. very nice technique and i'm sure many of us will now budget for the wacom. this looks really cool and your extended set is fascinating. great job.
Comment by funk_king 23rd september 2009

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