New Khamese (KMSMQ)

by altofquan

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A script to write down my conlang, Khamese. Replacement to another script of mine which is an abugida, but it was too hard for me to encode so I made this instead. It was inspired by Thai and Khmer lettering.


Key to Letter Legend:

(Note: I apologize for the long list of Diphthong Letters but i thought the were cool)

b=b, c=ch, d=d, g=g, h=h, j=j, k=k, l=l, m=m, n=n, p=p, q=q, r=r, t=t, v=v, x=x, z=z
f=kg, s=kh, y=ng/mch, M=th(voiced, th in mother not th in math or thing), |(\+SHIFT)=zh

pv=f, hz=s, sh=h(zh)

a=a, Q=aa, W=ae, E=ai, R=ao, T=au
e=e, A=ea, S=ee, D=ei, F=eo, G=eu, `=ej
i=i, Z=ia, X=ie, C=ii, V=io, B=iu

o=o, H=oa, J=oe, K=oi, L=oo, N=ou, ~=oj
u=u, Y=ua, U=ue, I=ui, O=uo, P=uj

Comment by altofquan 10th august 2023

This looks so cool! wow!!! It looks so intresting and full of life!

Comment by themochamuffin 12th august 2023

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