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I've been playing a lot of New Super Mario Bros. Wii with the kids.

This is my interpretive-imitation of the logo.

The v and V are the weakest, but I couldn't find a better solution given the constraints of the bricks and filters.

An alternate i is on the # and an alternate (smaller) & is on the
Comment by aphoria 19th january 2010
Very convincing ... more so than the excuse that you were playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii with the kids. C'mon ... 'fess up.

Must rush - I'm off for a game of golf ... me and Tiger PS style :)

Comment by p2pnut 19th january 2010
I like your solutions better than the original. Excellent reproduction too.
Comment by thalamic 21st january 2010
@p2pnut No readlly, it's for the children. :)

I'm lovin Tiger Woods 2010 on the Wii.

@thalamic Thanks...Your input and praise is always much appreciated.
Comment by aphoria 21st january 2010
Good job. The V might have been rendered differently, but there aren't many options using variable scaling.

There's nothing like being beaten by your own child in a video game, especially being raised up with Atari 2600 and NES.
Comment by geneus1 22nd january 2010
Nice interpretation Aphoria. Between this, DJ Nippa's Grand Theft AutoStruct, Goatmeal's entire catalog and many more, I think soon, FontStruct will have the entire video game industry locked up.

Also, with a few brick deletions (and with a hat tip to Karl Gerstner), you could power up a stencil font so strong it would split Bowser's shell in half.
Comment by afrojet 22nd january 2010
♥♥♥♥♥ to the Ampersand.
Comment by cayo 24th january 2010
@geneus1 Thanks. I agree about the v and V, but the filter really limited my options there.

My kids are still young enough that they think I'm the greatest Super Mario player in the world. :)

@afrojet Thanks and good idea about the stencil version. I've started playing around to see what I can do with it.

@cayo Thank you too...the & is one of my faves.
Comment by aphoria 25th january 2010
That is the sweetest age. I'm glad you get to experience that joy. :-)

And may I be so bold as to say: *hug*
Comment by thalamic 25th january 2010
You could solve your Vv issue like this:
(This is my humble suggestion, of course)
Comment by cayo 26th january 2010
@thalamic It is the sweetest age. I have a 7 (girl), 4 (girl), and 1 year old (boy). The joys far outweigh the frustrations...most days. :)

I'm man enough to happily accept your hug. Thanks. :)
Comment by aphoria 26th january 2010
@cayo I had briefly considered that solution, but I thought the difference from the u/U was too subtle.

I just added you suggestion as alternate v/V on the ( and ).
Comment by aphoria 26th january 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Power-Up” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 26th january 2010
@afrojet Thanks for the Top Pick!
Comment by aphoria 26th january 2010
nice clean lines. very modern and now. like the nib on the V - very funky :)
Comment by funk_king 1st february 2010
@funk_king Thank you...the v/V has grown on me too.
Comment by aphoria 1st february 2010
This is one of the fonts that the 1 pixel bordering is really taking it's toll on. There's got to be a better way.
Comment by ssaamm 2nd march 2010

This ia almost possible with the new connecting bricks...

Comment by Brynda 8th august 2017


Comment by garrock 11th august 2017

I was thinking how you made this, and I tried myself.

I got something close, but not exactly.

Comment by KyooshiFonts 27th april 2018

I made Power-Up many years ago, before many of the more advanced Fontstruct features, like nudging, existed. I used a 1.75 vertical and horizontal brick size filter to achieve the narrow gaps.

Comment by aphoria 30th april 2018


Comment by KyooshiFonts 17th may 2018

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