by hisham4444
See also BATMANia2 by hisham4444.

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BATMAN font... Acknowledgment: ---- Font baseline (lower case) is based on "BATMAN FOREVER" movie font. BATMAN logo is from "The Dark Knight" posters. The question mark and the exclamation mark are also from the posters. This work was inspired by the late fonts done by geneus1, although not on par. Check out his page; he has some sweet fonts ;) Enjoy!, and please rate/comment.


Haha! Niiice! The Pixel Preview looks very techno too. Thanks for the comments, and the plug. Glad to be of some inspiration to you. It's just my way of showing respect to the comic book characters I grew up with. You'll like what I have brewing for July 18th upon the release of the Dark Knight. It's INSANE. I can't believe its a FontStruction. Now if I can only finish in time...

Keep up the good work. It inspires me right back.
Comment by geneus1 30th june 2008
This should be a top pick 10/10
Comment by digitalx5 30th june 2008
Thanks, guys. I am glad you liked it.

Hey, geneus1, can't wait to see it! Although, it will probably get my font down-voted ;)
Comment by hisham4444 30th june 2008
WOW. After one vote it got 10, then after 3 votes it is 4.

If my calculation is correct, the 2nd and 3rd votes were both 1 (1/2 star) :((
Comment by hisham4444 30th june 2008
i looove it!
supergreat execution!
Comment by kix 1st july 2008
I gave it 10 as it is an amazingly brilliant font
Comment by digitalx5 5th july 2008
Thank you, kix, digitalx. It looks like I got a couple of 10s and the rest were like ones and twos :(

It doesn't matter anyways, I am doing it for fun...
Comment by hisham4444 10th july 2008
Very cool. Amazing Bat Symbols!!
Comment by jinx 19th september 2009
Never mind the down votes. This font is cool! I little critique, if I may: check the R and compare it to K. Some parts are not of the same width. Q: is a bit anaemic. Why don't you stab the horizontal bottom with a bold, pointed vertical stroke? 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 20th september 2009
Thanks jinx and Frodo7.

@Frodo7, I haven't logged in to fontstruct in a long time. I am not really sure why I did the "R" differently from the "K". And I agree the "Q" could look better.

If I have some free time in the future, I will get it fixed :)
Comment by hisham4444 20th september 2009

It, super! Do you have a .ai file?

Comment by nico98re 24th april 2018

The upper case is so much fun, I wish the lower case were the upper case.

Comment by jonrgrover 24th april 2018



Comment by Capacelan (Crazyhex) 18th november 2018

This is brilliant; I'd never have thought of placing the actual Batman logo into each letter before. Your work with the lowercase reminds me of a font called Knight, by David Occhino. He did an extensive one based on the "Batman Forever" title, as well.

Comment by Moviefan2k4 21st january 2019

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