fs handwritten

by ETHproductions
See also fs curves by ETHproductions.

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A small-grid handwritten font. This has lots and lots of faux-curves, thus using more than 180 different bricks and composites.

Filters: 2x2
Cap-height: 10 grid squares (5 bricks)
x-height: 7 grid squares (3.5 bricks)

04/09/13 Finished the Basic Latin set.
06/30/14 Updated many characters using nudging.


Comment by ETHproductions 30th march 2013
Great looking font! Will you make the French and German accented letters, too? 10/10
Comment by Aeolien 30th march 2013
Very natural!
Comment by kassymkulov 30th march 2013
Excellent work!
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 30th march 2013
What a great achievement!
Comment by kix 30th march 2013
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 30th march 2013
Cool font! I found this in "hidden gems" but it seems BETTER than a hidden gem!
Comment by Reepicheep 30th march 2013
Cool work!
In small size, looks like you made it by a real pen...
Comment by queencat 30th march 2013

@Aeolien: Thanks! I'm working on the accented characters; I should have them complete later today.

@Reepicheep: Sometimes that happens when you refresh the page. Don't worry, I hid it. :)

@queencat: Thanks, that was what I was trying to do! :D

@everyone: Thank you very much!
Comment by ETHproductions 30th march 2013

PS. Do you write the small a just like me? (see image below)
Comment by minidonut 30th march 2013
uh, didn't work..
(that serif font is made by me too!)
Comment by minidonut 30th march 2013
Sorry for triple-posting, but do you mind if I clone your font and extend it? :)
Comment by minidonut 30th march 2013
Excellent, convincing permanent marker font!
Comment by four 30th march 2013
@minidonut: Actually, usually I write the single-story a, but I thought I'd try double-story for this font. (This actually isn't modeled after my handwriting.) Thanks for asking about the cloning, but I would not like anyone to clone this. Someday I would like to start selling my fonts... :)

@four: Thanks!
Comment by ETHproductions 30th march 2013
Comment by ETHproductions 30th march 2013
Greeeat work! It looks like real handmade pen lettering! I'm with the guys! My 10 2 U.
Comment by elmoyenique 31st march 2013
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs handwritten” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 1st april 2013
I can almost smell the magic-marker ink! 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 1st april 2013
@meek: Thanks for my second pink star! :)

@elmo, p2p: Thank you for the votes!
Comment by ETHproductions 1st april 2013
So real even being made in small grids!
Comment by cablecomputer 6th april 2013
@cablecomputer: Thank you!
Comment by ETHproductions 11th april 2013
Cool font :D this reminds me of Comic Sans 100/100
Comment by IEatRaindows 15th april 2013
@IEatRaindows: Thanks! Comic Sans was some of the inspiration for this.
Comment by ETHproductions 16th april 2013
Oh no--the font troll has struck! Hundreds of innocent fonts with damaged ratings! :(
Comment by ETHproductions 16th april 2013
It should be possible to trace that troll :(
Comment by Aeolien 16th april 2013
@Aeolien: YES! That is what we need!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 16th april 2013
@Aeolien: Yes, that's a good idea. If it were possible to trace trolls, they would be less likely to strike, since we'd know who it is.

I noticed that, since yesterday, this font received a vote of 2 and another of 1. Before the three troll votes, it had a balanced rating of 8.97; now, it's 7.97. This could be discouraging...

But... I still have 46 downloads, and 29 comments (including this one). Trolls can't take either of those away from me, nor from anybody, as they can take away from the rating. And they definitely can't remove the top pick. So even if they vote down on any TP (or any font, for that matter), they can't kill it completely.

True fontstructors can't be discouraged! :-)
Comment by ETHproductions 7th may 2013
Z,z look a bit funny, and w is much too cramped, IMHO. Just suggestions, you don't have to listen to me
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 16th may 2013
@ETHproductions: Me personally don't care if there are troll votes or not, I don't so care about voting.

For me a visible sign of good fonts is the number of good comments, and Top Picks. But Top Picks sometimes (in a rare condition) isn't really fair (sorry meek).

But the most important, is what you feel about your font. Visible things can be lie.


"True fontstructors can't be discouraged! :-)"
Comment by cablecomputer 16th may 2013
If you think your font is good, it's good! What's important is your opinion. Don't care about troll votes, it's not like they can hurt you or anything.

"True fontstructors can't be discouraged! :-)"

How true :D
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 19th may 2013
Thanks, guys, for supporting me.

@cablecomputer: I agree; I don't care very much about troll votes. Also, all these comments so far have been good. And I know what you mean about Top Picks (especially from around the time when Fontstruct had just started).

@winty: My opinion about this font is good (actually, this is my favorite of all the fonts I've created), so I'm not too worried about the votes. :)

Maybe the saying should go, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but votes can never hurt me". :-)

P.S. I'll see what I can do about the w.
Comment by ETHproductions 20th may 2013
Nice new w, thanks for listening to my suggestion!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 21st may 2013
Nice font! I love the rough edges, as they give an authentic handwritten look.
Comment by John H. Isles (QXZ) 30th may 2013
Can you make a font which contains lots of curves, which is cloneable? I want to learn how those curves work :/
Comment by minidonut 16th june 2013
@winty: You're welcome! :)

@QXZ: Thanks, that's one of the tricks I discovered while making it. :-)

@minidonut: Sure! I'm working on a font with a few curvy letters from here and lots of composites I used. Meanwhile, here's a peek at A, B and C:
Comment by ETHproductions 17th june 2013
The best handwritten font ever! As always, 10/10.
Comment by Jamie Place (FontBlast) 5th july 2013
All I can say is … awesome. Nicely done.
Comment by sarreyn 21st december 2013
@ minidonut: You're welcome to clone Slyness 2. :)
Comment by sarreyn 21st december 2013
@FB, sarreyn: I don't know what to say... Thanks a ton! :)
Comment by ETHproductions 10th january 2014
What a cool font!!
Comment by arseniiv 28th february 2014
What is with all these spam accounts? Captchas apparently don't work.
Comment by Evie Atarax (j4s13) 2nd april 2014
Avatar for unknown


Comment by 王曉楓 3rd june 2016

There are checkmarks in Unicode (✓, ✔, ✅, etc.)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 30th april 2018

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