fs magnifique

by ETHproductions

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Inspired by beate. My third ScriptComp entry. Some letters are more like 'connected italic' than a 'traditional' script. Press the grave accent to get the Th ligature.

I've added some ligatures and a few diacritics, as well as the ampersand & a few more punctuation marks. Currently working on more of Basic Latin, it may take me a while... V1.1.0
11/22/13 My first 100-downloads font! Thanks so much to everyone who downloaded.
12/13/13 I've gently smoothed the connections on most letters. V1.2.1


Comment by ETHproductions 31st may 2013
Greeeat entry! IMHO, some glyphs can receive an improvement (like the "r", or the "s"), but I love it all!
Comment by elmoyenique 31st may 2013
Wow ETH, this is just simply amazing!!! Poor Mr.Meek will have such a tough time finding out who wins this competition. Awesome font, I am forever in awe of your epic fonts!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 1st june 2013
Nice! - although the 'r' is a bit of a problem. Still, 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 1st june 2013
I thought this was a modular site... Great job! 10/10
Comment by Jamie Place (FontBlast) 1st june 2013
So smooth. 10/10
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 1st june 2013
This is true beauty. 10/10.
Comment by Ivy Meadows (Isaiah Garcia) 1st june 2013
Thanks, everyone. I'll see what I can do about the r and s.
Comment by ETHproductions 3rd june 2013
Great, it's so elegant, it's hard to believe it was made as a modular font.
Comment by four 4th june 2013
You've reached beate's level. Congratulations :) I like how fi forms a natural ligature.
Comment by kassymkulov 4th june 2013
I've updated the r and s; I think they're better now.

@four: Thanks! I was surprised at how well it turned out.

@architaraz: Wow, thank you very much! :)
Comment by ETHproductions 4th june 2013
Very nice script font. It ticks all boxes. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 4th june 2013
So loopy smooth...like ink flowing in a very controlled script. (y)
Comment by thalamic 4th june 2013
Glad to see you working on the caps here ETH. I think you should add more punctuation like ?,! and accents.
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 5th june 2013
@Frodo7: Thank you!

@thalamic: Yeah, if only my handwriting looked like that. :-)

@winty5: Thanks. I'll be sure to do that after I finish the caps.
Comment by ETHproductions 5th june 2013
Can you make a font like this? I make Tumblr quotes and I'm trying to find this font.
Comment by Phntmm 5th june 2013
@Phntmm: Sure! I'd wanted to make a font like this, and I was browsing around for ideas. I'll make it public in a couple weeks.
Comment by ETHproductions 6th june 2013
Cette typo est "Magnifique"

very round very cool, I like it
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 6th june 2013
@Upixel: Thanks a lot! :-)
Comment by ETHproductions 11th june 2013
Wow...the competition's almost over? It's been a very quick three weeks. Anyway, I've finished the caps, and numbers and punctuation are in mind.
Comment by ETHproductions 15th june 2013
Comment by ETHproductions 15th june 2013
Comment by ETHproductions 15th june 2013
Lol, nice sample letter :)
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 15th june 2013
This is one of the most magnificent script fonts I've seen. Very beautiful, readable, and overall awesome!!! 10/10 :)
Comment by kfozburg 26th june 2013
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs magnifique” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 3rd july 2013
@winty5: Nothing like seeing your 'letters' in real life! :-)

@kfozburg: Wow, thanks for your great comment. :)

@meek: Thanks to you and the staff for this honor!
Comment by ETHproductions 5th july 2013
Very nice!! Congratulations
Comment by becario77 3rd september 2013
Thanks, becario!
Comment by ETHproductions 6th september 2013

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Comment by irishheiress 3rd january 2018

the letter after Ÿ (or possibly Ü, I'm not sure) looks a lot glitched, like a lot. Might wanna fix it.

Comment by NH1507 (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123) 30th september 2018

Unless it's supposed to like like that, but if it isn't, you probally want to change it.

Comment by NH1507 (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123) 30th september 2018

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