FS Crazytown

by kix

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Howdy Cowboys! This is an hommage to the great creator of LUCKY LUKE, Maurice de Bevere, also known as "Morris" (1923-2001)! This font is an upper case only font! A-Z, dollarsign on "$", and two colts on "%" and "&"! *music: "I'm a poor lonesome cowboy and a long long way from home..."


Nicely done, Kix. You have a little pock mark on your 'Z'.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 14th august 2008
Lucky Luke! The cowboy who constantly had a cigarette dangling from his mouth, and if not was busy rolling a new one... :-)

Great work, kix!
Comment by SquarePeg 14th august 2008
Thanks guys!

Morris was distinguished 1988 with a special price of the WHO (UN-World Health Organization), because he successfully cures Lucky Luke smoking since 1983. Today Lucky has usually a blade of grass instead of a cigarette in his mouth :)

Sorry i erased your pic, but my intention was to do an hommage to the artist, not to playstation :P
+ it was a different font...
Comment by kix 15th august 2008
No worries, kix. I remember reading the Lucky Luke comic strip as a child, and I was quite surprised to find the PlayStation image on Google. I posted it more for the novelty than for its appropriateness! :-)

As for the prize from the WHO, thanks for the info. I was not aware of that.
Comment by SquarePeg 15th august 2008

I realized that little brick, too.
but it isn't visible in the fontstroctor applet. i can see it in the preview, but none of the letters around "Z" have any flaws in the construction window !?!?

maybe that comes from excessive stacking on this one!

i don' know what to do. i can't erase those ghostbricks.

Comment by kix 20th august 2008
So I'm not the only one who experiences these ghostly artifacts. I'll sleep better now.
Comment by intaglio 20th august 2008
The errant artifact is not in the Z. I'll bet anything it is way over to the left of $ or the gun (whatever character that is). They come from copying stacked bricks and pasting them elsewhere.
Comment by thalamic 20th august 2008
true that is.
i thought about that but didn't find any... i'll check it again
EVERY glyph!

cool thalamic! i found 'em!
you were absolutely right, they were way over to the left of "$" :D

and thanks for reminding me to explain the font a little...
the gun is on "%".

I just decided to add a colt heading into the other direction.
it will be on "&".
i wish i could "flip" that glyph, cause it would be much less work :P
Comment by kix 20th august 2008
i used to listen to ennio morricone to this :D

but john woo rules as well!
Comment by kix 20th august 2008
Glad it worked out for you. (God I need to logout of fontstruct!)
Comment by thalamic 20th august 2008
Ha! That's bangin'! I honor the way you always honor your influences. One small point: Have you considered thinning the stems on the 'T' and 'Y'?

I listened to Ennio Morricone as I created the battle cries for the Bubble Lab. Morricone's western music is immediately identifiable to most, but I was listening to the magnificent piano duel from the movie The Legend of 1900 starring Tim Roth. Oddly enough, the way his character approached music is similar to the way I view working with fonts.
Comment by geneus1 21st august 2008
i also thought about this while i was doing this...
and now i think you're right. i changed that :)
Comment by kix 22nd august 2008
i don't think this desrves a pink dot any more


sorry i couldn't help myself
Comment by kix 2nd july 2009
"i don't think this desrves a pink dot any more"

Or perhaps you should change those Colts for a pair of wooden spoons...?

I never knew typography could be so steeped in controversy.
Comment by chr.s 4th july 2009

i dont understand what you're trying to tell me, but i tried to make a joke :/

my humour can be strange, i know.

hm... nope.
Comment by kix 5th july 2009
Sorry for the confusion - I was trying to make a joke too, just not a very good one.

I assumed you meant that the pink dot should be taken away because of what happened to Nippa - using another font as inspiration for a fontstruct. All I meant was that your joke might stir things up a little - but I meant no offense by it, it was all in humour.
Comment by chr.s 5th july 2009
Sorry, if the next minutes or hours look like flooding, but I decided to add a "credit glyph "to all my fonts. It's getting harder and harder keep control over all those font pirates :)

Just look at this:

Especially this one annoys me, because he/she simply doesn't react or reply to any of my tries to get in contact. For now, i think the most effective and cheapest way to get rid of this in the future, is to have credits within the ttf-file to found on the glyph for the copyright sign.

Imagine guys, one of them wanted ME to prove I(!) am the creator!
This sucks

hm. i'm weird.
shouldn't there be lots of recently updates in FSlive?
Comment by kix 9th june 2010
...I'm a poor lonesome cowboy... ;D Great western font. I like Lucky Luke too, and the comics in general. This has brought me a nice memory... and a superb font! Thanks.
Comment by elmoyenique 9th june 2010
You did a right mov with credit glyph! It avoid a lot of problems...
Comment by Valerio Francesco Borghi (valeriofrancesco) 3rd december 2011

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