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Info: Created on 10th January 2016 . Last edited on 29th August 2016.
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embroidery of the enamored

Comment by jirinvk 15th January 2016

This is actually very nice. Maybe F needs to be done in a different way though.

Comment by architaraz 16th January 2016

oh, u are right. i changed it. thx!

Comment by jirinvk 16th January 2016

This looks really good. It may not be legible, but it sure has charm, as the sample very well shows. 10/10+fav

Comment by Noah (winty5) 16th January 2016

Also, H doesn't fit with the other letters in my opininon

Comment by Noah (winty5) 16th January 2016

when lovecomp was announced i was in the middle of making a new flowery font (i will publish it later - still not finished) which unfortunately is higher than 48 bricks (one of the lovecomp rules), so i made this AB version with simple "pluses" substituting giant "flowers" to abide the 48 rule... in flowery version H is ok... here it is a bit problem... i want to keep both scripts compatible... making gap between pluses would result in H too wide... anyway, i will think of it, but H will prolly have to remain slightly improper :))

Comment by jirinvk 16th January 2016

Okay, makes sense. Thanks for replying.

Comment by Noah (winty5) 16th January 2016

after two days long deliberation, H changed too :)) thx! for favor and for pointing out the problematic detail

Comment by jirinvk 18th January 2016

Looks much better. Thanks for listening, and glad I could help :))

Comment by Noah (winty5) 18th January 2016

There is quite a romantic feel to the glyphs, maybe because it looks airy.  I can still see 'flowers' !

Comment by Aeolien 19th January 2016

the primeval (giant) flowery floriitutaAA will look like this (pic below) => pluses in floriitutaAB are sort of rudimental flowers... thus romantic feel is within the very roots of this typeface... besides, floriitutaAB is highly suitable to be embroidered which gives “her” endless romantic potential... i expect to make plenty of floriituta versions (aka floriituta herbarium collectibles)

Comment by jirinvk 19th January 2016

This looks very good, I'm looking forward to seeing all the other versions.

Comment by Noah (winty5) 20th January 2016

The sample of that original font looks very good. I hope you will still publish it.

Comment by four 24th January 2016

i was carried away making alternatives of the simplified version, but sooner or later i will return to the "original" (will complete the full set and will publish it) 

Comment by jirinvk 24th January 2016

I knew there was a big potential in this one, and the original version is the proof. Definitely will be a strong competitor if you enter it to the LoveComp.

Comment by architaraz 24th January 2016

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