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See also D33SPM V25 by dpla.

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Diffused 33-Segment Pixel Matrix
a.k.a. 'D33SPM' {by dpla}

7- to 33-segment progression
(bitmap-only step-by-step)***


. 'S' Segment (#)
. 'L' Layer (I2O [Groups: 1/23/45/67])
. 'C' Character (ANSI)*
. 'U' Unicode (00+HEX)
. 'P' Position (Clockwise) [Matrix V1]**
. 'I' In/Inner
. 'O' Out/Outer

I to O table:

.S L C .U P..
00 1 0 30 Mdl
-- - - -- ---
01 2 1 31 N 
02 2 2 32  E
03 2 3 33 S 
04 2 4 34  W
-- - - -- ---
05 3 5 35 NE
06 3 6 36 SE
07 3 7 37 SW
08 3 8 38 NW
-- - - -- ---
09 4 9 39 NE
10 4 A 41 SE
11 4 B 42 SW
12 4 C 43 NW
-- - - -- ---
13 5 D 44 N 
14 5 E 45  E
15 5 F 46 S 
16 5 G 47  W
-- - - -- ---
17 6 H 48 NNE
18 6 I 49 NEE
19 6 J 4A SEE
20 6 K 4B SSE
21 6 L 4C SSW
22 6 M 4D SWW
23 6 N 4E NWW
24 6 O 4F NNW
-- - - -- ---
25 7 P 50 NNE
26 7 Q 51 NEE
27 7 R 52 SEE
28 7 S 53 SSE
29 7 T 54 SSW
30 7 U 55 SWW
31 7 V 56 NWW
32 7 W 57 NNW


* So that the FULL MATRIX can be revealed
 by enabling all the segments (33 layers)
(or any distribution of this full string).

Now you may 'fontstruct' my 25TH VERSION…
(the "MARS:BENZ" test showcases this one).

The expected final & plain VECTOR DESIGNS
could simply begin with rotating squares…
Even in this early and geometric step #0,
all the 33 segment areas would be similar.

1 BIT too many… try removing S00 yourself
(or merge by adding a 'separating value').

Use the glyph SPACING as usual in x and y
(even by kerning the variable width font).

I started drawing many V1 GLYPHS on April
(+ several ANIMATIONS for matrix testing).

The inherited 7-SEGMENT matrix is a LIMIT
(e.g. no added border for the diacritics).



You may NOT use D33SPM commercially
{OR ask for my written permission}.

0126 PNG
0320 TXT
0401 TXT UPD


Comment by dpla 20th march 2018

WOW!! Nice work, dpla...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 21st march 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en: thanks, this demo took me a while, too. (The vector version$ might be available in 2020/2030…)
NEWS: I'm currently on my last samples for two very minimalist 3D voxel art styles of text characters… You'll see soon on FS their -lame- 2D pixel version too… No more time these days to review the missing 200+ very low-res pixel fontstructions, so I must postpone again, sorry.

Comment by dpla 21st march 2018

The space isn't wide enough to seperate...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 21st march 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en: THANK YOU!
I overlooked the SPACE case (in a hurry tonight)…
So, I fixed the font accordingly(*):
6px of horizontal spacing (should be enough - I thought it was null by default, at first)…
{Line spacing issues are not my priority here (tell me otherwise).}
0 12348567 9ABCDEFG {HIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW='o'} {MN+TUVW(vertical);G40(horizontal);59+6A(diagonals);PQRS='k'}<br.>

Comment by dpla 21st march 2018

You have totally lost me ................................... my artist's eye loves the shapes though and my brain loves the green:D It's the "maths" that don't fit in ;)

Comment by Aeolien 21st march 2018

This pixel art error diffusion by hand (sort of a tech demo) could be used as LCD on the dashboard of your future green car, indeed!^^ (not necessarily Mercedes, or filled with spinach juice either…)

Besides, in the same version 25, I like the bacteria look of this kind of tiny 'spatial colonization' (you were awared, Elon!) :-)

Comment by dpla 21st march 2018

I've just fixed the order (keys) of the segments 5-8 (same cause: I hurried tonight)…

So, a new download is recommended.

I'm going to do the same fix on the cloned font, sorry in advance.

Comment by dpla 21st march 2018

Fine tuned the horiz. spacing (3px, as in the green sample)…

→ Font updated. You can try pasting the following text:



Comment by dpla 21st march 2018

Description updated. Currently finishing the derived font (please wait or ask)…

Comment by dpla 10th april 2018
Comment by dpla 10th april 2018

In the MARS:BENZ text, 038[]59...014[]569...STUVW 0[]579A... (The [DCS] controls are in brackets...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 11th april 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en: Thanks for your input, you'll see a great deal of stunning 33-seg characters here… (news: I need to finish the sets of lowercase and -many- quotes; I feel confident after completing the extended superscripts in 3 versions without any duplicate…) Now, I'm not sure of my answer, sorry, not being to reproduce your sample. I mean, this 'image maker' only uses the Space character as a (spacing) control (and your post right above includes unnecessary(?) invisible characters). If you mentioned my own V25 image sample, then your remark has to do eitheir with its formal representation (artwork), or with its mapping/code/fontstruction (a flaw/bug?). I checked most mixes of your text (parts of it), which makes me think you tried something small? E.g. a 'micro' text on 2 rows? (I already drew a single glyph with my 4 letters together here.) I'll try your string again, later, because if you derived a lot, even I cannot read it, lol!

Comment by dpla 11th april 2018

If you view it in the Unifont font, you'd see the invisible characters...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 11th april 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en: Damn! I still need to install it! :-( (which would be a hint in your interesting puzzle :-)

Comment by dpla 11th april 2018

(Depending on the system and browser versions)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 11th april 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en: Window$, 12MB… slow download (server or b/w limit) but worth it! OK: “DCS” = U0090 (Device Control String). It's normally invisible (as expected and mentioned/feared), but I still don't know your intention here… :-)) I'll investigate later. :-/

[@Meek: edit disabled too??]

Comment by dpla 11th april 2018

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