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Typeface based on the work of Victorian Designer and Architect E. W. Godwin (1833-1886) born in Stokes Croft, Bristol. He was influential in the Aesthetic movement that created "the look" of Victorian Britain. He began his career working in the strongly polychromatic "Ruskinian Gothic" style of mid-Victorian Britain, inspired by The Stones of Venice, then moved on to provide designs in the "Anglo-Japanese taste" of the Aesthetic Movement and Whistler's circle in the 1870s. A friend of Oscar Wilde, James Whistler and William Burges he was also the father of revered actress Dame Ellen Terrys illegitimate child. Godwin's influence can be detected in the Arts and Crafts Movement. To judge from his sketchbooks at the Victoria and Albert Museum, one might have expected an eclectic historicist, but Godwin, by no means a tame reproducer of antiquarian Gothic designs, was among the first to extend the European design repertory to include the arts of Japan, which had been opened to the Western world in 1853. His work is undergoing a revival since he was jokingly adopted as the patron saint of Stokes Croft by community action group the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft. The group aim to to put some of his finest architectural achievements in the city back to good use as many of them despite being buildings of some historical significance lie empty and unused. His design work is being reincorporated into the urban landscape through the community organisation's programme of public art and his style has recently been adopted by a number of Street Artists including Dones and Felix Braun so his work is undergoing some kind of a revival.The glyphs are all based on the patterns from his sketchbooks.


What a beautiful set of characters! 10/10
Comment by kassymkulov 24th december 2011
Beautiful indeed!
Comment by riccard0 24th december 2011
Thank you for the great introduction / historical background. Aesthete is a fine work. My only complaint is about the jagged edges: the Fontstructor is capable of making your design look smoother. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 24th december 2011
if anyone could explain what the hell has happened to my typeface and thus the last 3 days of my life and offer some kind of remedy or way of getting it back that would be amazing. in one click of a mouse i have ruined christmas. come back! luckily Ive saved you on my computer but Id like to be able to keep changing it and have it out there for others to use
Comment by no_comment 25th december 2011
Don't panic, I've just cloned your font, to see the problem, and there is a simple solution.
I am assuming that the error is the full square bricks have been replaced with a diagonal brick.
Simply DRAG the 1st square brick (at the top left of the ALL BRICKS pane), over the top of the top right diagonal brick in the MY BRICKS pane. By dropping this over the top of it, it should replace all the offending diagonals with a solid brick.
Happy Days. :-)
Comment by djnippa 25th december 2011
Well, in this form it make an interesting patterned font! :-)
Comment by riccard0 25th december 2011
@no_comment: I have also been having the problem of bricks substituting themselves. This seems to be happening more frequently lately.
It's bad enough when bricks can be restored from All Bricks ... but I have had quite a few occasions where the altered brick is a composite - and there is no way of universally replacing them.
I have mentioned this to Mr M and hope that a solution can be found soon .... I haven't got that much hair left and pulling the rest out in frustration isn't a great idea!

Merry Christmas to all :)
Comment by p2pnut 25th december 2011
@p2pnut You can replace altered composites with new composites. Simply remake the composite, and drag it over the top of the altered one.
You can drag from either ALL BRICKS or MY BRICKS.
Comment by djnippa 25th december 2011
thank you everyone for your advice and assistance on christmas day. you are truly committed typographers :) I have now completed it in lower case and added a number of hieroglyphs based on my research of his work. any criticism or suggestions most welcome. @frodo7 how would you best advise making the letters appear smoother. this is something i have clearly not yet mastered
@p2pnut @riccard0 @djnippa @frodo7 @architaraz
Comment by no_comment 26th december 2011
I'm glad my solution worked for you. Have you tried using this essential tool - All composites saved in My Bricks
Comment by djnippa 26th december 2011
@djnippa wow wish i had known this before. thanks! that so useful
Comment by no_comment 26th december 2011
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Aesthete” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 26th december 2011
@meek thank you very much for the mention :) i have now smoothed out the problems with the original and it should have a smoother appearance at large scale though it remains the same but with a few extra pattern glyphs
Comment by no_comment 28th december 2011
This is exceptional. Nothing I do will ever be this good. I should just quit.
Comment by thalamic 3rd january 2012
This design just keeps on getting better - I just wish I could give it another 10!
Comment by p2pnut 3rd january 2012
No Thalamic, don't quit! After Instant, Rehash, and Xenon? You have a lot to offer the FS community!
Comment by truth14ful 3rd january 2012
Exxxxcellent work!!
Btw: thalamic rules OK! Don't quit!
Comment by elmoyenique 4th january 2012
Well Done, Jac.
Intro good too.
Gold star for you!

Chris PRSC
Comment by chrisprsc 14th february 2012

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