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In this typeface I have tried to represent a noise without using soundwaves. 

Based on the word Thunderous, this font represents a storm. The pointy edges of the letters and their disformed shape are supposed to represent the loud and violent noise made by thunder. The lightning is a mean to show the activity of the sky during a storm but it's also a way to make the link between the font and the storm. 

The font is designed for attention grabbing headers.

There are 3 other versions of this font: Thunderstorm Inverse, ThunderStorm Black and ThunderStorm Mix.


Hello! Can you please give me a feedback on my font? It's not finished yet but any comments would be really helpful.

Comment by CecileDP 21st november 2016

Great work, so far. It is actually, two separate font, or it should be: one regular and one inverse. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 21st november 2016

I like the positive-negative presentation, active-passive, noise-calm, light-dark. You show a lot of perseverance, aiming to get things right. The illustration of thunder inside the irregular shaped letters is fitting. I think that the actual shape of each letter, being irregular from one to the other, creates the necessary tension between the two states of a thunderstorm. I can't see any problems with your design idea and execution.

I wondered about the space between H and I, is the space larger than between the other letters?

Comment by Aeolien 21st november 2016

Thank you for your comments, It's good to have feedback from other people! Also my I wasn't well positioned, so thanks as well for noticing! I rectified it now!

It's true that my typeface should seperated into two seperate fonts but they are designed to work with each other and having one set as lower case and the other one as uppercase makes it easier for the users to pass from one to the other when writting.

Idealy I would make a program that decides randomly wether the letter is regular or inverse but I'dont think it's possible on FontStruct ^ ^'

Comment by CecileDP 27th november 2016

I can see you designing a set of posters with this: 'Welcome Rain Season' or 'Bye,seeya next year' ;) Good design and expressive shapes. 9/10 but I'm looking forward to the other glyphs.

Comment by Scriptoresque 27th november 2016

That's it, I finally finished all my letters. I also seperated the 2 diffrent versions into seperate fonts: ThunderStorm and ThunderStom Inverse and made two other versions of it, ThunderStorm Black and ThunderStorm Mix. ThunderStorm Mix is my final font (and my favorite one) for this project and is a mix of the 3 other ones. I hope you like it ;)

Comment by CecileDP 30th november 2016

I like all these versions :)

Comment by Aeolien 30th november 2016

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