Mineglyph Faithful

by ArrowUP

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~This "is" MC font, except it has two times better quality and I added much more glyphs! Please tell me what characters should I add next :)

Update log

18/08 - Added "Basic Greek" letters and fixed some mistakes.

20/08 - Added Coptic and the rest of Greek; completed "More Latin."

21/08 - Added breve to small and capital A-Breve; completed Latin-A; added Hebrew letters; whole IPA supplement

06/09 - Fixed some mistakes

05/10 - Added Georgian and Arabic single letter forms

7&9/10 - Fixed some mistakes

21/11 - Added Arrows and UCASE

22/11 - "Extended Latin-B" Completed!

24/11 - Added Katakana and redid the "§" symbol.

10/02 - Added Armenian; ę's ogonek is now more to the left.



Alas, I cannot help you there, Minecraft or not. It looks quite complete to me, and quite 'pixelly' :-)

Comment by dpla 12th august 2017

greek, other latin-A, œ, etc.

Comment by anonymous-1466233 18th august 2017

also, caron on C E N S R D look like breve.

Comment by anonymous-1466233 18th august 2017

@xXx XBox Gamer, Done. Working on Greek now.

Comment by ArrowUP 18th august 2017

Spacong problem on í or î

Comment by anonymous-1466233 18th august 2017

Iota has no dot on it...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 18th august 2017

@xXx XBox Gamer I have no idea why that happens. :/

Also, sorry for the dot! I pasted it there, but forgot to edit it. I thought I already did that because it was checked :v

Comment by ArrowUP 18th august 2017

Abreve has no breve

Î î still problems in spacing...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 21st august 2017

This might be a very useful font, well done.

I assume xbox gamer meant to give you some support like "is there a spacing problem with Îî ?" and "I think that the Iota have no dots" 

Comment by La police de caractère 21st august 2017

@La police de caractère Thanks for nice words! :)

@xXx XBox Gamer  As you can see it does not happen when you use this font on the computer.

Comment by ArrowUP 21st august 2017

Î and Ï connect to each other... if you could move the slider do that they dont touch... htat would be great

Comment by anonymous-1466233 21st august 2017

Or at least move Î 2 bricks to the left...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 21st august 2017

IPA added!

Now you can spell whatever you want with Mineglyph Faithful!

Comment by ArrowUP 21st august 2017

Some IPA is in Latin B...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 21st august 2017

@xXx XBox Gamer Yeah, I'm planning to add Latin-B soon

Comment by ArrowUP 21st august 2017

This is pretty decent, for a pixelated font. Pointers: The IPA glyphs in Latin Extended-B are deprecated, i.e., no longer used. The capital forms, of which some exist in Latin Extended-C and Extended-D, are for African languages. There are also quite a few IPA glyphs in the Phonetic Extensions, and Phonetic Extensions Supplement blocks. Concerning Coptic: lowercase Fei should resemble an open q, while lowercase Khei should mirror the uppercase form—like an h with a descender. Lowercase Chima/Shima should look more like the IPA hooked b. Lastly, uppercase Hori should have a descender, as should the lowercase, which should be set at the x-height.

P.S. If you'd like a reference to the actual form of the glyphs, you can peruse my font Dehuti on Smart Fonts. A lot of the glyphs that Unicode uses as references are of incorrect design.

Comment by TCWhite 22nd august 2017

@TCWhite Thank you, I fixed it. Also, I looked up your font and it looks very nice! If they changed the reference font that would be great, because it really confuses people and so it did to me. 

Comment by ArrowUP 25th august 2017

Can you please change the circumflex on A, E, I, O, and U so it is consistent with the others in Latin A.

Comment by anonymous-1466233 5th september 2017

xXx XBox Gamer, Done, thanks :)

Comment by ArrowUP 6th september 2017

Mind if I try japanese?

Comment by anonymous-1466233 2nd november 2017

@XBOX Nope. Go ahead :)

Comment by ArrowUP 2nd november 2017


Comment by anonymous-1466233 6th november 2017

P.S. Concerning Latin Extended-B: the reversed Ezhes, while deprecated, such as turned o-ogonek (delta) and palatalized t, I kept, redesigning them to be how they should be. These characters are representations of (old, mind you) pharyngeal fricatives—left half ring, supercript c, et cetera. I added them as cased pairs, as the IPA is caseless. They are the counterparts to the cased glottal stops. See Dehuti. :)

Comment by TCWhite 7th november 2017

You forgot a double Acute on a U in latin-A .Circumflex on latin-1 still the same...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 7th november 2017

The acute on L is too far to the right...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 7th november 2017

@XBOX Done. Thank you for pointing it out!

@TCWhite Thanks, I'm gonna keep this in mind.

Comment by ArrowUP 7th november 2017

î width is now too wide...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 8th november 2017

@XBOX Fixed :)

Comment by ArrowUP 9th november 2017

If i put î then ï, it leaves a space in between it...

Can meek fix?

Comment by anonymous-1466233 21st november 2017

Say hello to Arrows and UCASE! Now in Mineglyph Faithful :)

By the way... this font has over 1000 character now! 

Comment by ArrowUP 21st november 2017

And now, Extended Latin B. Now available.

Comment by ArrowUP 22nd november 2017

Hey, I noticed there's a small issue, but it literally poisons the overall impression from the font. Seems like you've left the default 'space', which is too thin (about 3 pixels as far as I remember). I suggest that you make it at least 5 pixels wide. But for that, this font is AWESOME.

Comment by Cookielord 5th february 2018

Is the î and ï kerned too far to the right?

Comment by anonymous-1520403 5th february 2018

@Cookielord Thank you very much! I fixed the space problem, and I think it does look better now. I also increased the spacing between letters, don't know how will it look, though.

@77 Fixed, thanks for pointing this out.

Comment by ArrowUP 8th february 2018

Looks much much better now! ESPECIALLY WITH 1427 GLYPHS!

Seriously, man, haven't you gone crazy making a font with such an enormous amount of glyphs? :D

Comment by Cookielord 8th february 2018

@Cookielord, Maybe? I always wanted to begin a set of letters, but later I was bored about doing it. And it happened every time. Anyway I plan to add even more glyphs ;)

Comment by ArrowUP 10th february 2018


Comment by ArrowUP 10th february 2018

You forgot the hirigana small a, i, u, e, and o

Comment by anonymous-1520403 10th february 2018


Syriac, Thaana, Devanagari, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Oriya, tamil, telugu, kannada, Malayam, Sinhala, Thai, Lao, Tibetan

Comment by chupztugz 4th november 2020

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