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2x2 schemes are all very well but they magnify the spacing issues x2 as well. Along with the usual "f"ing question it comes unstuck where I've added half-width bricks at the start or end of a glyph. Oh well. Trouble is my middle name.
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    Created on 29th April 2009. Last edited on 24th June 2009.
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Love the W.
Comment by aphoria 30th april 2009
Looks great at pixel resolution. Having visited Timaru a few years back I'm intrigued by your choice of name.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 30th april 2009
No special significance -- I'm just a magpie for beautiful words.
Comment by intaglio 30th april 2009
I'm eager to see what the numbers and other symbols look like!
Comment by jimhv 1st may 2009
Simple and smooth, intaglio. Can you elaborate on the spacing issues? I believe spacing at 2x2 is better than the standard setting.
Comment by geneus1 1st may 2009
@jimhv: I'm not very good at completing the whole character set. I haven't managed to sustain the interest for many of my fonts, getting discouraged or losing patience.

That's why I use the "open slather" licensing scheme so anyone who gets fed-up waiting for me to finish can extend the set him/herself. (If anyone cares that much!)

I will do the numerals and punctuation at least, though. But just now I've been seduced by another font I've started work on. It happens a lot...

@geneus1: I don't know. I see other people's designs that are economical and they don't seem to have the issues I have. I'm going down the garden to eat worms.

I had sworn off doing gigantic 'Structions but I've come to the conclusion I seem able to execute things better on a big (1x1) scale. The one I'm working on at the moment is a pain because it's so big but everything works better for me. It looks great at whatever size I view it at and the spacing is a lot finer.

I guess it's just personal preference. I admire the designs I see that are economical and beautiful too, but I'm not so crash-hot at them myself!
Comment by intaglio 1st may 2009
Excellent! Very readable at smal sizes...
One of the things I admire from you is your so different approach from others 'fontstructors'
Fresh and stimulating!

Comment by Axel Leyer 12th may 2009
Thanks, Alex! It's taking me a while to get back to the site because my home computer is dead. Sniff...
Comment by intaglio 22nd may 2009

The tail of J could extend below base line.

Comment by zaidhan 25th december 2017

Awesome font, love it/bravo


Comment by RobFox 9th august 2020

@Rob Meek (meek)

Wait a sec… You’ve been to Timaru?! Why on Earth would you want to go there?

It’s a short drive from where I live, actually.

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN 9th august 2020

Ha! I'm just doing a bit of namedropping. I live in Auckland. A dreaded jaffa. (Hold up hands crossed over chest in vampire-warding gesture.) If it's good enough for Tim Finn, it's good enough for me.

Comment by intaglio 9th august 2020

Except in his case it's Te Awamutu, rather than Timaru.

Comment by intaglio 9th august 2020

Well it’s pretty exciting to find another Kiwi on the net. Doesn’t happen very often, aye?

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN 10th august 2020

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