Madison Ave. OF

by funk_king

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

this is the rework of my original which was a clone of Cube Style by gaiatata. i redid since i wanted to restrict the license but couldn't. also added additional glyphs :)


Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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Really nice feel to it. Do you think the "T" needs a bit more height? A rounded top brick would do it nicely - just like you've done for the cross symbol. Also i'm not sure about the mid join of the b & h. Do you think it should as the 'd' is?
Really love the *,§, they're very cell like.
Comment by djnippa 8th november 2009
thanks dj. have made those change. much appreciated.
Comment by funk_king 8th november 2009
Amazing Quality, Good job!
Comment by Iamboredrightnow 9th november 2009
Looking good :)
Comment by p2pnut 9th november 2009
Really cool. I love the $ and &.
Comment by aphoria 9th november 2009
I think this design would benefit greatly from a slightly looser spacing. (There's plenty of white inside the letters, but almost no white between them.)
Comment by gferreira_admin 9th november 2009
thanks for the support :)
Comment by funk_king 12th november 2009
Better than the original. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 12th november 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Madison Ave.” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 16th november 2009
Comment by funk_king 24th november 2009
thanks frodo, and gus for the TP :)
Comment by funk_king 24th november 2009
Superb. That T/t! Lovely, lovely curvaceousness. I'm knocked out.
Comment by intaglio 25th november 2009
thanks tag. this started as a clone of another designer's work and would probably not exist otherwise. you have contributed greatly towards the spirit of collaboration. although you did not participate in FS Collaboration 1, i would say you have triggered and provided just as much inspiration by allowing your work to be cloned and modified. kudos bro. with Fontstruct around, there's a lot to be thankful for :)
Comment by funk_king 25th november 2009
Do you realise you're font has been used on a CD cover?
Comment by djnippa 31st march 2010
Comment by funk_king 31st march 2010
thanks dj for the discovery. and no, i didn't know, but now that i do, i must contact King Records. hey, they're even using part of my name :)
Comment by funk_king 31st march 2010 or
Comment by djnippa 31st march 2010
WOW! Now that has begun making their download statistics public, congratulations on the enormous popularity of your fonts there, especially this one!

But I have a question. Your fonts are designated as shareware, so do you really need that new job? :)

Actually, since shareware is acquired on the honor system, I sincerely hope your admirers are upholding their part of the deal!
Comment by fontcollector 1st july 2010
That's hilarious
31 downloads on Fontstruct.
31,000 downloads on DaFont.

Did KingStreet pay you for useage?
Comment by djnippa 1st july 2010
@ djnippa: Take another look. It's not 31,000 downloads at dafont. The current total is over 81,000! The only FontStruction I've seen with more downloads at dafont is Aria Penci Roman, which we all know is really kix's stolen ariapenciroman.
Comment by fontcollector 1st july 2010
Sorry 81,000 downloads.
That's huge, and a real worry on how many people actually download fonts for FREE, and then use them without contacting the designer.!!!
@Funk_King have you ever been contacted by any of the 81,000 downloaders?
Comment by djnippa 1st july 2010
thanks fontcollector and dj. i didn't know that dafont had started to show download #s - that's cool i guess :) but as dj asks, how many are collectors or users? i have received a few donations, very few and with a combined total for all my fonts from there as well as 1001fonts and fontspace plus a few other places - that i know about and some that i don't; when i did an 'unofficial' tally, it was close to 500,000 as of 5/19 - those numbers include FontStruct, of course :)

having those many downloads, along with some encouragement from online/email strangers led me to start monetizing my fonts and placing them on i figured if i expanded some sets and made some modifications from the existing posted versions on the web, i could perhaps capture some of that lost/potential revenue. so it's been i little over a month and i have made a few sales, but still not what i would imagine or hope for.

when releasing the commercial version, i also decided to downgrade the existing free versions of the fonts that i am now selling. madison ave. used to be my top daily download until i modified it and it still gets decent downloads everyday. it was replaced by soma as the top daily download. soma was only ever really a display font. i expanded it greatly and have had a sale or two, but its free download numbers remain solid and steady - too steady for my liking :(

so i've been thinking about putting some slugs into the free versions although dafont wants you to have at least a full usable set. so i'm not really sure how to modify the set to maintain a certain level of usability and yet discourage its use or at least encourage the sale of the other version - if there is a way to do this or perhaps that's the quandary of the situation. i think i'm getting to the point where i may have to consider taking down all free version of the fonts i have for sale period - when they reach a certain download regardless of how popular; and hopefully the others sites would cooperate with my wish to remove those versions. clearly most, if not all of my fonts on dafont are past that point. i'm happy knowing people like my fonts enough to download - whether they really use them or not, and perhaps i'm starting to not even care if they do. but i have also reached a point where i think if my work is that popular then i should perhaps only offer at least for free, those fonts i don't sell and see what happens. the commercial versions may not ever really catch on, but i know things take time, that it's the summer, and to be patient. and a few extra bucks here and there never hurt :)

but i also feel like, why should i continue to give it away like that with high numbers. but all of this is kind of like a brave new world - at least for me and will probably be different for everyone who tries it. and like any business venture, it may fail. but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. i suppose i am more than a little bit disappointed that more (many more) people haven't sent me a donation after download/using the font. i mean, even a dollar for 500,000 = $500,000, that's half a million - geesh :( but i am thankful to those that have; and it shows there are a few - a very, very few ethical people/companies out there. but it is human nature, why pay when you can get for free. but i haven't given up by any stretch and feel i am really just starting. thanks for your support and encouragement.
Comment by funk_king 1st july 2010
Just to say, my Funk King, i think that the relative confidentiality of Fontstruct is a chance, even if we have shared here our works here, they keep most of their "virginity". But if we go to Dafont and alike, this virginity is definitively lost, we have then "really" given our work to the free world. So if i were you, i would not have based my choice for myfonts on the success found on Dafont but in contrary on fonts that did have their real chance on the free world. Frankly, here in Fontstruct we're preserved, and i would say more and more strangely. At the beginnings, there were fonts here that were heavily downloaded (i mean, at least a hundred of time), but now, even top pickedfonts with many superlative comments don't get more than 10 downloads, and most of the time half ore more of these are made by the author for verifications.

If i were you, and if it's free to put as many fonts as we want on Myfonts, i would have put at least a hundred fonts from your so impressive catalogue, but not those with already dozens of thousands of downloadings on Dafonts and alike, put lower prices. And also, even in Myfonts, for very decorative or experimental fonts, you don't have to forcely make sets of 300 or more characters ! I personally bought very reduced unicase sets, when the idea is strong... Your sets are mostly decorative, you have very few works that could be appropriate text fonts so you can feel free to put reduced sets... i think that your best chance is to have made many fonts, and that many jewels (like "sniff" to tell one my very favourite, frankly i would have bought it without an hesitation) are still only on Fontstruct, take at least 100 with some improvements, specially on the old, but not forcely to add 300 glyphs on each, make an annoucement on Fontstruct here before retiring these fonts to Private, so that the community have a last chance to download these fonts for free for, let's say 1 month, so that the community understand that it's not a trason, that it's nothing to do with them and that you just want to try to go the next level...
BUT YOU're THE DEFINITIVE MASTER, these are only some of my mixed feelings about this, take what you want in them, even nothing. I wish you the best anyway, my friend. :0)
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 2nd july 2010
thanks neurone, for the input. so true about the virginity of FS. when i posted elsewhere i had this mad desire for downloads :) well as they say, be careful what you ask for :( but honestly, my fonts have only been outside of FS for less than a year - about 9 months now. so as a timeframe, i think it has been a good enough period to evaluate if there is a market for my work. even if many are only font collecting, i figure with that many dls, at least try to sell something :) as you suggest, pricing will be the key to success - not trying to break the bank on any single font, but offer many at a lower cost - perfecto dude :) so i will probably slowly start removing/replacing my stuff that's here and elsewhere, but will still keep plenty of stuff free and see how it goes. thanks, friend.
Comment by funk_king 2nd july 2010
Going commercial or not... Free, Slugs, subsets... so many questions... I think there is as many answer as type foundries exists :)

For indenpendant Designer, from my personnal point of view, I like the aproach of Fenotype foundry, some are totaly free, you can get free subset of all their commercials fonts.

They have a big visibility on dafont and Myfonts as well.

I can't speculate on what they think and they manage about commercial and free approach, but for me they seam to have a nice answers for small foundries

Go judge by yourself, they have awsome fonts:

Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 2nd july 2010
get the free demos ;)
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 2nd july 2010
If anyone, you definitely deserve to make a living as type face designer, given your impressive portfolio. And it's not just the sheer numbers, but the unique nature of your fonts. However, we know designers seldom make enough money by selling fonts alone. They usually do something else, such as graphics design.

I don't think it will significantly change with the coming HTML5 font support, when you effectively put the font file onto the web server. It may change the way fonts are licensed, and may generate more revenue for the foundry/designer, provided the users fully respect the new terms.

Personally, I don't believe in free downloads, as an indicator of market value. People tend to download anything as long as it's free and doesn't take more than a minute. Like certain birds (e.g. magpie) which like to collect shiny things, folks collect free fonts for no particular reason. When it comes to commercial use, payment and license, those people are not among your potential customers.

Comment by Frodo7 2nd july 2010
There is a nice article about free fonts on fontfeed :)
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 2nd july 2010
Thanks for sharing your experience, fk. It leaves a lot to ponder for extending creative reach outside of FontStruct. And congratulations on your success at and your commercial fonts.
Comment by geneus1 3rd july 2010
@ upixel - thanks for the info. i took a look and really like fenotype's work. i will study them some more, but don't need any more fonts, i can't even use all of mine :)

@ frodo - thanks for your support and encouragement. we'll see how it goes.

@ geneus - thanks. i think sharing experiences can perhaps help others. and since there is no handbook, i think the more we exchange the better - design-wise and business-wise. there are those fontstructers (yourself included) that i really believe if they haven't already tried, maybe should. you never know what will catch on. of course that presents the situation again of removing the versions from here or modifying them to not be the same as the commercial version. but i think it's a natural progression and that if more of us don't - we're really not taking advantage of the potential that FS holds.

on another topic... upixel did question me about having the FS logo show up in the font file for missing glyphs. this doesn't really bother me, although even now when i see it, i'm like - what's that, oh :) but i also look at it as a badge of honor. oh sure, i guess i could import into another app to remove the FS logo, but i'm proud of what i have achieved here and not really bothered at all that the logo is there or that someone might negatively view it. who knows, it might lead another person to the joys of FS :)
Comment by funk_king 3rd july 2010
I had to log in to fontstruct when I saw this. Too bad this person (or whoever created it) has no clue how modular fonts (should!) function. My guess is it was downloaded from DaFont and mangled independently. :-) Just thought you might get a kick out of seeing it used. (Posted without modification.)
Comment by thalamic 10th july 2010
This is strong, really strong! I'm so glad you're bringing back your creations cause when I came to fontstruct, you were gone incognito :)
I'm just happy about new "all rights reserved" feature, really is a giant leap for Fontstruct.
Comment by kassymkulov 25th july 2013
The comments on funk_king’s work are also priceless. His body of work, however, is staggering. Seeing Wilson’s fontstructing techniques and style develop and evolve over the years is a delight all who witnessed it remember.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 25th july 2013
The release of your work will be an inspiration to those who have not had the benefit of seeing it.
Comment by p2pnut 25th july 2013
After reading all those references to your work, it is great to get the chance to see them all online again and this one is particularly beautiful!
Comment by four 25th july 2013
I agree with four.I always wanted to see some of your work, that was "gone"
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 25th july 2013
Like this
Comment by azewBz 8th march 2014
Comment by Logan Roman (Logan2020) 26th december 2020

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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