fs Arc Test 2:2

by minimum

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Clone of fs Arc Test 1:1, which was started on Fri, 27th August, 11:59 AM 2010.

As simple as this fs may appear to be, it was much more complex to pull off. The curves and angles just did not match. The original version was at filter 1:1. Today--after a long time--I had enough free time to play around. Cloned and upped the filter to 2:2 (well, 1.75:1.75 to be exact). The 0.25 offset was initially put into place for the creative process, just so I know which brick was where. The breaks became a design element somewhere along the way. That caused additional brick placement problems. A full 2:2 filter would have made things much easier. Regardless, I am reasonably satisfied with the outcome. Needless to say, each glyph went through a whole bunch of iterations before settling on what's currently visible. Not all turned out good. The 'V', for instance. Who knows, better solutions may exist.

Take a square, split it horizontally, vertically and diagonally. This gives just 16 line segments to work with. I have a book where the author lists every possible combination of those 16 line segments. That gives a staggering 65535 total possibilities. And that's just straight lines. I mention this because the uppercase grid here is 6×8=48 bricks (counting one 2:2 brick as 4 1:1 bricks). Then there is the possibility of using a whole slew of 4×4 brick shape. I am not even going to attempt to figure out how many total possible combinations that makes but I am sure it is a number much larger than 65535.

The point is, with so many possible brick combinations, better solutions most probably exist. I just may be too narrow-minded to visualize them.


Comment by minimum 19th August 2011
Very interesting. Would you be willing to mention the name of the book mentioned above?
Comment by Ken Bruce (crispycraker) 19th August 2011
Thanks. The book's called 'NORM: THE THINGS',
ISBN: 3-931126-75-7
Comment by minimum 19th August 2011
This is looking good, even the V that you mentioned. If the bottom of the V is what raised an issue for you, a simple composite brick could fill in that space. Could you post a sample of what your ideal solution would look like? There are plenty of possibilities, but this font looks fine as a fully intentionalized final version. The notch on the J may add a little unnecessary weight to the middle, and the extra bar on the T may not be needed, but that's minor. Also if you wanted to see where bricks are without displacing them, you could always turn on the outline mode by pressing the 'O' key.
Comment by geneus1 19th August 2011
"The Samurai In Autumn" -- Are you a Pet Shop Boys fan, too?

(Terrific font, BTW)
Comment by Goatmeal 19th August 2011
@geneus1: It is difficult to say what V will work. The T and Y are 3.5 bricks wide (seven in 2:2 filter) while the rest are three (or six). As each thick stem is 1.5 bricks wide, that's OK for those two because of the nature of trying to get the center stem, well, centered. The current style of V is four brick and there is no counter letter to balance that thickness. Hence I say it is not optimal yet.

As for T you mention, it is there as an alternate somewhere. I agree about the J. It was just an attempt to reduce the emptiness.

And the outline mode just confuses me more than help, so it stays unused.

Anyway, what have you been up to lately? Inquiring minds want to know. :-)

@Goatmeal: Yes, since WEG. I have everything from WEG to London singles and albums, some even many multiple copies. They are collecting dust somewhere. I think of The Samurai in Autumn every time I get stuck because of the lines, "It's not as easy as it was / or as difficult as it could be / for the samurai in autumn". Thanks.
Comment by minimum 20th August 2011
Ultra cool. I love all the numbers, but the 4. The few alternatives for the 8 are even better. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 20th August 2011
Wow! what a journey through the land of filters - one which ended with a great result.

I'm with Frodo7 on the 4 ... and much prefer the first alternative 8. 10/10 nonetheless.
Comment by p2pnut 20th August 2011
Here are some tweaks.
Comment by djnippa 21st August 2011
Sorry the image is so small. If you need a bigger version. I'll split it into sections.
Comment by djnippa 21st August 2011
Comment by djnippa 21st August 2011
Comment by djnippa 21st August 2011
You're awesome, DJ.
I mean, you are probably an awesome DJ too, but as a person you are awesome as well.
Comment by minimum 21st August 2011
@djnippa: Fantastic permutations, creative juices aplenty.
Comment by Frodo7 21st August 2011
I did nothing really. All the skills and creativity were already in the font. Although sometimes it takes a second pair of eyes to complete those awkward glyphs. Have you thought of doing another font based on the old w,m,r?
Comment by djnippa 21st August 2011
Comment by minimum 21st August 2011
How cool does this look.

@djnippa: I thought it...but I don't have the patience. You are welcome to give it a go if you want.
Comment by minimum 21st August 2011
Ha ha. It's your font. I've got my own 100's of unfinished projects to get through..... if only I could finish them all. :-) I'll let 'brain disorder' totally trash it for you. ;-)
Comment by djnippa 21st August 2011
Comment by minimum 21st August 2011
@djnappa: I might have to do this alt.
Comment by minimum 21st August 2011
@djnappa: When are we seeing yours next?
Comment by minimum 21st August 2011
A stupendous mosaic-work fontstruction imbued with highly rhythmic and lyrical qualities of repetition and symmetry. Your restricted set of stacked half-bricks proves entirely capable – paired of course with your technical genius and unique techno-deco visualizations (not to mention the lively and inspiring jam session with DJ Nippa). I see shades of CMunks’s abstract letter patterns, which I mean as a high compliment.

Here you have attained your own futuristic drum-machine type vibe. Delightfully tactile, I mean! Danceable arrangements of loops and codas, these letter. Arranged in word form, they are self-contained songs.

I adore the small notches added to the numerals and elsewhere, indicating a multi-layered appearance of entwined strokes. So much more brilliance on display, as well as stylistic possibilities, than I have mentioned – digging through the stable of alternate ideas reveals a fount of inspiration. 10/10 + ♥
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 22nd August 2011
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs Arc Test 2:2” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 22nd August 2011
@minimum. Unfortunately I won't be doing one. I've got too many unfinished projects to finish. I've told myself, not to start anything new until they're all finished. It's killing me!
Comment by djnippa 22nd August 2011
I like the new alt version as well.
Comment by djnippa 22nd August 2011
Comment by minimum 26th August 2011
Looking good, Ata. The fragments on the extremes of f bar in the new sample look too small and may be better served joining the rest of the bar.

I made revisions of the glyphs you had in question, and DJNippa does an entire mod of the whole font. He's so fast. But those changes are exactly what I would have done.

In answering your question, I have to sadly report that I haven't been fontstructing much, and looking at my files, the last download I did was last March - before my computer died. There's another creative community that I was sucked into and its just as addictive as FontStruct. I'm hoping to make an impact there as well. But I still have a lot of unreleased fonts hanging around that are itching to come out.
Comment by geneus1 27th August 2011
@geneus1 What is this other creative community you've been sucked into? I'm intrigued...
Comment by aphoria 27th August 2011

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