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Version 0.2: Improved all glyphs, added More Latin, changed name to "Letsago".

TODO: Make line widths more consistent, especially on numerals.


A friendly, but slightly obtuse font. I think these polygons are the smallest and simplest ones which can be made with stock FS bricks and used to create glyphs with a truly circular appearance. This only works up to a certain size before the look reverts to that of a polygonal sans-serif, but it works very well up to that point!

This is the culmination of knowledge gained from several other experiments, such as Marginalia. It should be very difficult to make a smoother font from this at the same grid size while still using stock FS bricks.

Some kerning is done, but the majority of it will be done once every glyph is considered to be perfected. For now, you can use vector software (like Inkscape) to manually kern pairs.

Info: Created on 27th February 2019 . Last edited on Thu, 19th September.
License Creative Commons
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V0.1 - 36pt. sample

Comment by zephram 28th February 2019


Comment by zephram Sun, 8th September

It's-a-me, Mario!

Comment by BWM Sun, 8th September

Is it a good name? I think it fits the friendly look this font is trying to have.

I considered a few other names such as "Donova" ("done over") since this font has been through so many revisions...

Comment by zephram Sun, 8th September

Still a good name… It reminds me of Mario…

Comment by BWM Sun, 8th September

Nice, clean, so easy to read, and interesting shaping (I love the A a and U u with ring, the &, the s) give a friendly character. Fenrir legs -- rofl! 10/10 and fav

Comment by Aeolien Mon, 23rd September

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