Alphabetic Kanji

by jonrgrover
See also Symbol Maker by HNA (Ver 1).

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This font is a symbol builder. My inspiration is Kanji which has about as many strokes per word as English has letters per word. So the idea is to make each letter a stroke in a symbol.

Comment by jonrgrover 4th october 2017

The ASCII letters are all right-left symetrical symbol strokes.

Comment by jonrgrover 4th october 2017

I actually saw this font on another account, before you submitted it. It's a clone, am I right?

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 15th october 2017

This is not a clone. This is original with me. I've been working on this one for over 20 years. So it is possible you saw an earlier version of mine.

Comment by jonrgrover 20th october 2017

20 years? Thats before Fontstruct (and me).

Comment by anonymous-1466233 20th october 2017

And me.

Anyway I'm sorry but it's very unlikely to me that this isn't a clone. I have several reasons.

-At very first, the reason stated by @XBox Gamer whome I salute by the comment.

-This isn't the first clone of this font I saw. I know it because I tried to do a font based on this font. But I gave up because the words with multiple same letters would be harder to read.

-This is the newest clone, according to its date of creation: September 28th.

-I haven't heard FontStructor was usable without an account, but according to yourself, and excluding the fact it wasn't existing yet, you could FontStruct since about 15-16 years before you joined it.

-I have peeked inside and it seems that your style is different than the overall font style. I mean, don't tell me you haven't just added accents and symbols like (c), (r) and tm.

I'm really sorry but I mean it, it's very unlikely this isn't a clone.

And it's kinda unsmart to claim a clone as your original content, even if you worked hard on copying the glyphs so it wouldn't tell you cloned it.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 20th october 2017

To show you that this isn't a clone I have now made some of my previous attempts public - thematrix001, thematrix003, and Symbol Builder 1. Symbol Builder 1 was a clone of Alphabetic Kanji. I made that to show my progress on Alphabetic Kanji with a name that I thought might be more appealing since I don't know how to rename fonts in Fontstruct. That may be the reason for your confusion. I was working on this font over twenty years ago in Fontastic on my Mac SE.

Comment by jonrgrover 23rd october 2017

I'm sorry but it's still hard to believe this took 20 years to make...

However the rest actually seems legit so.. I guess I have to believe you.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 23rd october 2017

Wheres thematrix003?

Comment by anonymous-1466233 23rd october 2017

Actually THEMATRIX03, I put in too many zeroes

Comment by jonrgrover 23rd october 2017

I dont see thematrix03 on the list...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 23rd october 2017

THEMATRIX03 used the same weight lines for both lower and upper case. I finally decided I did not like it because all of the letters were left of the zero line so you had to put a space before the first word each time. I made THEMATRIX03 so that both upper and lower case letters were the same weight. THEMATRIX01 had the lower case letters thin and the upper case letters bold, and this looked pretty ugly. So THEMATRIX03 put a line above all upper case letters. Of course this got in the way of diacritics.

Alphabetic Kanji fixes both problems. Letter are now all to the right of the zero line, and upper case letters are now indicated with a small circle in the center of each. I put a small circle there because that was space that no letters were using, so that no matter how many letters in a word, the created the user could see symbol would see that at least one letter was upper case.

Comment by jonrgrover 24th october 2017

@XBox Gamer

Don't worry, the fonts he's mentioning are legit, I checked them.


Nice, however I noticed a flaw with your font. The problem comes to the lack of hints for the placement of the letters (evil/live or angle/angel), and also for the double-letters (such as to/too). A word can easily be mistaken because of those two factors.

Comment by Lou D. (Lou FoxyBun) 24th october 2017

I agree. the evil/live/veil/vile problem is a serious flaw. I have tried for a long time to resolve it by doing things like tiny amounts of spacing and such, but the results were not good. The best solution I have found is to include a tilde in between one half of the word the the next. So to spell evil:   ev~il. The font will divide the word in two and put a hyphen between them to connect them. I know this solution is not too good. 

Most of the time however I just treat multiple words with the same letters as 'spelling-homonyms'.

Comment by jonrgrover 24th october 2017

righteousness is a bit hard to read, as is godness. The G has a lot of ink. Maybe the S and G together make things look complicated.

Comment by jonrgrover 8th november 2017

@jonrgrover "I've been working on this one for over 20 years." FontStruct said it only took 1 year.

Comment by Aceblack10 1st december 2019

To make.

Comment by Aceblack10 1st december 2019

I worked on this font with Fontastic on a mac back in the 90's

Comment by jonrgrover 28th april 2020

This is seriously amazing. Maybe not the best solution for English, but I think it’d be a really neat idea for a constructed language!

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN 28th april 2020

It doesn't matter that I can't understand what it is but it certainly is amazing.

Comment by thalamic 29th april 2020

The biggest issues are obviously with different words containing the same letters (evil, live, veil, vile | god, good, dog) & long words. numbers are very difficult to read too. Regardless it's still one of, if not my favorite font I've found on fontstruct.

Comment by tsafontstruct 7th march 2022


Comment by HNA (Ver 1) 11th june 2023

(It might not be the same font, btw.)

Comment by HNA (Ver 1) 11th june 2023
Comment by HNA (Ver 1) 11th june 2023

@jonrgrover How are we going to keep the end of a sentence more like English (without the end chopping off of a text)?

Comment by HNA (Ver 1) 11th june 2023

I tried recreating the alphabet.

A: ae

B: sz4

C: 7

D: o4

E: elt4

F: f4

G: gq

H: he / re

I: ilt / i

J: 7i

K: r7

L: 4l

M: rv / rm

N: rmn

O: o

P: z4

Q: on

R: s44

S: 5

T: it

U: u

V: v

W: nr / vr

X: mn

Y: mi

Z: 4

Comment by AidenFont 6th july 2023


R: z44

W: nr / ar

Comment by AidenFont 6th july 2023
Comment by AidenFont 6th july 2023

Here are some nice patterns that you can make with the numbers.

Comment by HNA (Ver 1) 7th july 2023

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