KD Dekorat

by architaraz

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Decorative, ArtDeco-ish all uppercase font for TwentiesComp. Got carried away and added Cyrillic too ;) Enjoy!


Notes to future self:

- Modify glyphs if/when the requested below brick is added

- Find a better way for Cyrillic descenders (Ц, Щ etc.). Alternative Ф? Needs a better Ұ,ұ

- Needs kerning

Comment by architaraz Tue, 6th April
Comment by architaraz Tue, 6th April
Comment by architaraz Tue, 6th April

Very deco entrance! I especially like the M, Q and almost the entire Cyrillic set. Good luck with the jury, compañero.

Comment by elmoyenique Tue, 6th April

Such a simple idea, yet the design is intricate and surprisingly complex

Comment by time.peace Tue, 6th April

I love this contemporary and radically modular approach to art deco!

Comment by four Tue, 6th April

Thanks for the comments.

@elmoyenique You know, FS competitions are never about winning - they're more about participating ;) 

@time.piece This fontstruction is me trying out the brick mentioned by Dmitriy here. But I really need the brick I mentioned in my opening post to make this FS more perfect :)

Comment by architaraz Tue, 6th April

I think there seems to be a problem with the triline T-shaped brick… (And yes, that is the letter I in this font zoomed in by a lot)

Comment by BWM Tue, 6th April

@BWM That really isn't something I can control, it's more a rendering issue of Fontstructor. Yes, it's the T brick rotated so unless I create a brand new T brick there (or the upper corner) there's nothing else I can do.

Comment by architaraz Tue, 6th April

Great work!

Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) Tue, 6th April

@Yautja Thanks! 

update: Fixed Cyrillic letters with descenders e.g. Ц, but they were so hard to make...

@meek Looking forward to the custom bricks option ;)

Comment by architaraz Thu, 8th April

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